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Using The Bright Future Workbook

I hope that you have either received the printed workbook or were able to download the pdf version, read through it and get started right away.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll start to see significant changes in your life.  As an abundance coach, in addition to the author of The Bright Future Workbook, I want to see you using the workbook and not simply purchasing it and putting it down.  If you use it daily, your life will improve daily!  I'd love to hear the stories of your successes and be there for you when you have any questions or problems. 

The workbook is laid out in 3 main sections and some people want to complete each section before going on to the next. That is one way of doing it, but I recommend doing a little bit in each section everyday. Read through the introduction of each section before you get started so that you understand the whole process. Once you understand the process, you can use the formula on a small scale, working your way to using it on a large scale. The more you do it, the easier manifestation gets.

You will find that you continually add to each section of the workbook as you think of things. You may remember something that bothered you from the past. When you do so, write that down in Section 1 and clear it when you have time. As great things happen and wonderful memories pop up, go to your workbook and enter them in Section 2. You will undoubtedly always be striving to manifest something new. When there is something new that you want, write it out in Section 3 and go through the process of neutralizing any negative emotions around not having it, in addition to clearing any limiting beliefs you might have to getting it.

It is also important that you keep a journal of your activity. The daily page is your guide to what you should be journaling.

Enjoy the process and let me know if you have any questions.

Sundi M. Bright
Abundance Coach & Alternative Healing Practitioner

The Bright Future Workbook

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