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The Secret Formula
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Dear ,

Congratulations on downloading The Secret Formula app and taking steps to transform problem situations and manifest your desires!

manifest your desiresThis formula will allow you to master the law-of-attraction. I hope you will take full advantage of this app by considering EVERY situation that makes you uncomfortable, running each one separately through the formula and transforming problems into solutions that manifest your desires. Keep in mind, you don’t have to have a problem in order to make a request for manifestation. For manifestation requests, you will likely skip steps 1 and 2 and go right to deciding what you want (step 3), getting into the vibration of what that would feel like (step 4), and then making the request (step 5).

Not feeling quite right? Don’t even know why? Use the formula as a journaling guideline. It will help you gain insights that put you back on track and feeling great! And feeling great is the way to attract great experiences into your life!

If you'd rather not send your requests using the form on the app, download The Secret Formula's handy word template document for FREE. This word template makes it easy for you to use the 6 steps to journal your challenges in a way that helps you transform those situations and track what you're manifesting. Save this template to your desktop, open it when you're experiencing an uncomfortable situation (something you don't want), type out the steps to transform the situation and save the file in a folder as a record of your request. Check back often to record what you're noticing as a result of making your request to the universe from the vibration created when doing the journaling.

Manifest your desiresI hope you have reviewed all instructions under “The Secret Formula, Learn the Steps”, as they will really help you to use these steps in the most effective way.

Although designed to help you transform problems and manifest your desires on your own, we all have subconscious blocks that can get in the way of our desire. When you're so stuck in your problem that you can't see these blocks, as a psychic healer detached from your problem, I can! I can also apply energy techniques that will help you shift in the direction of what you want!

It can be fun and enlightening to discover and shift the patterns that keep you away from who you really are. This type of healing will create positive shifts in many areas of your life and the possibilities for your evolution, expansion and spiritual awareness are unlimited and I hope to have the opportunity to assist you on your journey.

In loving light,

logo Sundi Bright
Law of Attraction Coach & Psychic Healer

As your coach, the most important thing to me is that you feel good.  Good about yourself, good about your life experience and good about your future because feeling good will help you attract what is good.  In a psychic reading, I look to see what it is that has made you feel bad and why that has stuck with you.  Then I work to psychically see the positive perspective that you can gain, recognizing the strengths/abilities/gifts you are suppressing with the subconscious detrimental patterns and performing a little Matrix Energetics magic to help you shift into the beautiful, happy and abundant you that is truly within you!