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Your Wishing Well

If you have finished my Law-of-Attraction course, you have learned how your wishing wellto attract all that you wish for. You may have even felt a magical oneness with the universe as you realize that you get exactly what you think about and that you create your life based on the thoughts you think and the emotions that are most prominent in your mind/body/spirit.

Now that you’re ready, I’m going to share with you my favorite tool for manifesting.

It’s called the wishing well and this is how you use it…

First create your wishing well in your mind. It may be a wishing well in a magical forest, it may be a fountain in the courtyard of a magical castle, or it may be a lake at the foot of a magical mountain. It can be anything that resonates and feels special to you.

Complete your daily form and make sure you have cleared any negative emotions and are in a place of high vibration. Alternatively, you can do this from a meditative state, where your mind is clear and you are free of negative emotions.

Now, imagine that you have a stone or rock or crystal in your hand. Take your question/request/command and imagine it being embedded in the stone. Make sure the request gives the universe enough wiggle room to bring you what you want in the highest and best way possible.

Drop down into the place of your heart (a Matrix Energetics trick to get you out of your head), and drop or throw the stone into your wishing well. As you do so, say “I command the manifestation of my wish in the highest and best way possible” and let go. Just as you are letting go of the stone, you are giving the request to a higher power to start shifting things for you.

Take a few minutes to notice the ripples in the water as the stone hits the water. You may feel a little wobbly and you’ll want to wait until that feeling passes before you do anything.
Now, notice in your life those ripples… the things that are shifting to bring you what you want.

If you know anyone who can benefit from this course, you can do them a big favor and send me their names and email addresses so that I can send them more information.

It’s been a pleasure working with you. I wish you all the best.

Love & Light,

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