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Aligning the Ego with your Desires

Aligning the ego with your desire is an important part of the manifestation process

Aligning the Ego with your Desires

Aligning the ego with your desire is an important part of the manifestation process.ego

The ego and its ideas of how you’re supposed to be can be a real hindrance when it comes to manifesting what you want in life.

Realize that it is the ego that may be more worried about what other people think than it is about having what you want. The ego subconsciously holds you back with limiting ideas of how you “should” look in the eyes of others.

For example: You want financial freedom and yet a little voice in your head says working hard is an admirable trait. Struggling like everyone else keeps you humble and relatable in the eyes of others according to the ego. It says you aren’t spiritual if you have or desire money. Recognize the need to look humble and relatable in the eyes of others as an EGO based belief.

Ego based beliefs such as these will block you from what you want. Realize that you DO have power over the ego. You will not be happy living to please others. You can only be happy being who you truly are and that means dropping the behaviors you think will make others see you as good or right or honorable. You CHOOSE to be at the mercy of what others want by allowing the ego to be concerned about how they think of you. You can, however, adjust your thinking / belief in a way that feels good to the ego and also aligns with your desire.

Beliefs and ego are very related, so watch your beliefs, notice how they are ego based and since you cannot eliminate the ego, choose a belief that will satisfy its need to be right or good in a way that aligns your beliefs with your desire(s).

Ask yourself how can the ego be satisfied and content with having your desire. For example: Having money could mean that you are of a high enough vibration to attract good things like abundance and therefore set an example to others as to how to have abundance as well. Having money can mean that you are a very spiritual person. A spiritual person is someone who has dropped the earthly ego motivations, is doing what they love, and feels so good about what they do that they naturally attract what they want as a result.

My sessions help to get behind all that ego stuff, heal the hurts from the past in a way that allows you to see that the purpose in that was for your greater good. It was not to limit you!


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