<h1>Best Way to Pray </h1>

Best Way to Pray

Praying effectively for your loved ones involves a level of detachment

Best Way to Pray

Did you know that the best way to pray is from a detached state and best way to praywithout negative emotions?

Are you or someone you care about (including your pets) experiencing any type of hardship or illness?
Whether in their relationships, finances, career, or health?

The best way to pray for them is from a detached state and without worry.  Worry is an indicator of lack of faith and renders prayer ineffective.  We’ve been so conditioned to worry about those we care about, that it can be hard to let go of that emotion… and yet it’s so important.

Prayer is a beautiful thing, but knowing what to pray for and being able to be detached enough to pray without worry is the hard part.

That’s why what is better than a prayer, is purchasing a healing session for your loved one(s). 

In a distance session for your loved one, without them even knowing about the session, I can look for the underlying causes for their hardship and work with angels and ascended masters to send healing to each one of those patterns.  “Problems” are created.  It may be a number of factors that have created their problems.  Whether outside influences, past life trauma, emotional blockages, or detrimental thought patterns to name a few, these patterns can be the recipient of loving, healing energy that transforms them into something better.  I simply need a bit of personal information about them to connect to their energy field along with your perspective of what their “problem” is. 

This kind of prayer can result in miracles


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