Excitement & The Law of Attraction

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Excitement & The Law of Attraction

Excitement.  It seems like a high vibrating emotion, doesn’t it?  One that attracts good things to you when you experience it, right?

You meet someone new, you have a job interview for your dream job, you’re going to the party of the century…  You’re excited!  How often have you experienced pain and disappointment after being excited about something?  Has this conditioned you to “not get your hopes up”?

The problem is that oftentimes, behind the excitement, is attachment, expectation and neediness.  These are not high vibrating emotions and can push away the things the things we want the most. 

So what do you do to create positive outcomes from your excited state?  Check yourself for a needy expectation and be honest with yourself.  If you are relying on an event, a meeting or a person to provide you with something you “need”, you’ll want to clear the attachment you have to it.  You may feel you “need” this person, place or thing, in order to “feel” a certain way.  With the way-that-you-want-to-feel in mind, ask for it and let go of how it comes about.  It may or may not come about in the way you think you want it to, but as long as you let go, it WILL come about.  This will be toughest for you control freaks out there!  The request you make to the universe may be something like this “How can I experience good feelings about this _____ without the attachment and expectation?”  Or “If I were to experience the feeling of _____, what would that be like?”  As I’ve said before, ask questions that prompt the universe to show you the answer.  Asking the question “Can I feel excitement without attachment?” is not as useful as the previous example.  When you ask “what would that be like?”, the universe has to show you what that’s like. 

If you’ve already experienced pain and disappointment, remember, you can turn your situation around using the formula outlined in The Bright Future Workbook.  It is an excellent guide to becoming more conscious and creating your life exactly as you want it to be.

If you are experiencing difficulty doing this on your own, I can help. By using a combination of EFT and Matrix Energetics, I can help shift any detrimental patterns by facilitating your transformation with the right tapping, the right questions and the magic of Matrix Energetics.  For the cost of putting gas in your tank, you can go for miles on what one session can do for you!  Best yet, you’ll save you money in gas because I predominantly do sessions over the phone.  Shifts can happen quickly without any drive time or gas money spent. 

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