<h1>Introductory Offer - the Half Session </h1>

Introductory Offer - the Half Session

Experience transformational healing in a short, introductory session

Introductory Offer

Because I realize you've been guided to my site in a time of need and may be unfamiliar with this type of work, I'm offering a half session at the rate of $60.

In an introductory session, my goal is to look for the patterns that will create a “significant” shift for you with information as to why you're experiencing a problem and how it can be healed/transformed. There are so many things I could look for, but the idea is to give you a taste of how clairvoyant healing combined with Matrix Energetics can help you and to give you some immediate relief.

An intro session is designed for new clients to give you an idea of how I facilitate healing. During this session, I will look for the most common causes of a problem (whether it be related to your health, relationships or finances) and send healing to these patterns as time permits. Healing occurs either as a result of knowledge itself that creates the shift, knowledge that indicates something you need to do, or it may be the way the angels are healing the pattern for you. Honestly, sometimes healing occurs in simply accessing the "problem" pattern to create the change you're looking for. Knowledge truly is power!

Your problem may be transformed completely, although it is possible you will need a follow-up session for more complete healing, which I offer at a discount after an intro session. In an introductory session, some of what I will do is as follows:

  • I will look for the inciting incident that initiated the creation of the "problem" if applicable
    • I will then look at the pattern that represents the effect of this incident (giving you a core pattern for EFT tapping if you are familiar with that modality)
  • I will look for the nemesis (usually a mindset) that causes the problem to persist
  • I will go back through your timeline to clear energy blocks that have contributed to the creation of the "problem". These incidents are likely more challenges you experienced as a result of the mindset adopted as a result of the inciting incident
  • I will look for the strengths/gifts/abilities/experiences this mindset is suppressing
  • I will look for a truth/perspective that would be more empowering
  • I will look for what outcome you might experience if you adopted this new mindset

In order to preserve energy for healings, I only do reading/healing sessions from Tuesday - Thursday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm eastern time in the US. You do not need to be present in order for me to do this work. After you purchase your session, you will receive a link to a form that will give me the information I need to connect to your energy field and do the work.

Although it is more interesting for me to work with you in person, it is not necessary. If you are available during these times, and yet not local, the session can be done via phone or skype. If off-line, a typed report of the reading/healing will be sent to you. If via phone or skype, it will be recorded. When you purchase your session, I will plug you into my next available time slot and provide you with that date/time or you can purchase and schedule your session at ScheduleSundiBright.com.

This session may also be purchased for anyone you care about who is experiencing hardship.

Here's what one client says about this low introductory rate.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.

Introductory Session Price - $60




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