Life Transformation Testimonial

Life Transformation Testimonial

Detailed testimonial of how The Bright Future Workbook can change your life!

Life Transformation Testimonial

Here's a life transformation testimonial from Cliff in Aliso Viejo, California about how The Bright Future Workbook has made a difference for him in a short period of time...

I started using the Bright Future Workbook about 6 weeks and have seen big transformations in my life.  The techniques I use are a combination of things I have read and learned from Sundi and the movie “The Secret.”  Over the last 6 weeks I’ve had I’ve had conversations with Sundi to help me refine my thought pattern, utilizing EFT to get out the “Bad stuff “ & put the “Good” thoughts as well as simple guidance. 

The big changes in my life I’ve requested and have manifested to real changes in my life today are:

  • I commanded a new career with a cutting edge technology company
  • I commanded to be in a strong loving, caring, and sincere marriage (I was planning my exit plan, divorce. Both my wife and I have changed for the better, “The LOVE is back!”  When you change, life around you changes!)
  • My neighbor has been fighting and arguing with me over 2 years over meaningless things such as my leaves falling into her backyard. (The changes in me caused me to reach out to her and apologize.  My neighbor now talks, waves, laughs and helps me with my yard)
  • I am physically in the best shape I’ve been in since high school, losing 30lbs & 7 inches off my waist.
  • I’ve regain my true inner spirit of Happiness, Joy and Fun-Loving.

Everyday is not easy but I fight to change my negative thoughts to make sure I remember what I want and am appreciative for.  So if you see someone doing EFT tapping while driving just smile because it might just be me working on my mindset.  Thanks Sundi.

- Cliff, Aliso Viejo, CA


If you're interested in creating your own life transformation testimonial, The Bright Future Workbook can guide you through creating the right mindset (and it's all a mindset thing) to get there.

I'd love to assist you on your journey.

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