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Step 3:
Make a Wish for What you Want

Step 3 is to Make a Wish for What you Want or simply ask for what youmake a wish want. Once you're clear of negative emotions and you're feeling happier and more content, you'll be in the best vibration to allow the universe to bring you what you want.

Subconscious and/or unconscious limiting beliefs, past experience and conflicting desires can make your request confusing to the universe as it is aware of all of that.

My Consciousness 101 Course is a 30-day course that provides you will tools, ideas, exercises and super-secret methods for discovering and clearing the issues that can keep you from the abundance that is yours.

By learning how 6 simple steps can transform your life, you will learn that you do create your life and what to do to create your life the way you want it to be!