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The Significance of 333

It is an established maxim that every unity contains in itself a trinity, just as the individual man consists of body, soul, and spirit.  So, it has a 3 fold nature. In symbolic numeration the multiplying of the unit by three implies the completeness of that for which the unit stands; and, again, the threefold repetition of a number represents its extension to infinity.  If we apply these representative methods of numerical expression to the principles of Oneness and of separateness respectively, oneness is Unity, and 1x3=3, which intensified to its highest expression, is written as 333.

Now apply that same method to the idea of separateness.  Separateness consists of one and another one, each of which, according to the universal law, contains a trinity.  In this view of duality the totality of things is two, and 2x3=6, and, intensifying this to its highest expression, we get 666, which is the Number of the Beast.  Why of the Beast?  Because separateness from God, or the duality of opposition, which is also a duality of polarity, which is Dual-Unity, recognizes something as having essential being, which is not the One Spirit; and such a conception can be verbally rendered only by some word that in common acceptance represents something, not only lower than the divine, but lower than the human also.

- Thomas Troward