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Acceptance - Accepting the Unacceptable

The first step in my formula for abundance starts with acceptance.  As acceptancehard as it is to do, accepting what seems like the the unacceptable, is very important. At least for now.

Although the formula actually says the first step is to “Neutralize your negative emotions”, what we’re actually doing when we neutralize our negative emotions is accepting.  Accepting ourselves, accepting the situation… "Even though my situation sucks, I deeply and completely accept myself".  Besides taking care of psychological reversal, the EFT setup phrase is designed to put us in a state of acceptance… the state where you have access to change.

Worry, fear, anger, etc. do nothing except block the ideas or the recognition of opportunities when they show up.  Being a negative emotion, they may also attract the scams or other vibrationally matching situations that only lead you down that downward spiral. 

Be okay with your situation, at least for now.  Although a paradox, before you can change it, you must accept it.  Acceptance to you may even feel like you're giving up and that's actually a step in the right direction.  If you're not able to do it on your own, why not get help from the universe? And the only way that you can allow help from the universe it to give it up. Give up the problem and accept where you're at now until the universe shifts in a way to bring you a more favorable situation.

I know how hard it can be to be accepting.   In fact, I’ve had a hard time writing this article just knowing how hard it is to do and how angry it may make people to consider.   Especially when the forth step of the formula is to raise your vibrations.  Being accepting and being in a higher vibration is not the same.  But, I have to tell you, you can’t truly get to the high vibration without first becoming neutral, accepting.  If you think you can get into a place of vibrating at a higher level without first becoming neutral, chances are, you’re faking.  And when it comes to the law-of-attraction, I personally do not believe in the statement “Fake it till you make it”.  That may work in multi-level marketing, but the universe hears your unconscious and subconscious thoughts and senses your true feelings.  You can’t fool the universe!

Become neutral.  Accept.  From that place of neutrality, you will have more clarity, knowing what you want and what to ask for. You’ll also be less likely to send conflicting messages, confuse the universe and end up worse off than you were to start. 

Sometimes it helps to ask the question “If [I knew my future was bright], what would that feel like?” or "If I knew I would get past this, what would that feel like?" [Use your own words]
Asking the question then noticing the way that feels should help make the shift into acceptance.  It’s not so much that you’re accepting it, it’s that you’re accepting it for now, which may feel more acceptable to you!  And that works.   DO NOT FORGET TO NOTICE! It is your observation that actually makes the change!

Ask the question and think ahead to a time when you're past your current problem and then go about your daily routine, taking notice of ideas or opportunities that come your way.

Acceptance can make a world of difference for you. Accepting the unacceptable does not make not make your situation okay. It simply accesses the state where change is possible.

In my Monthly Unlimited Program, I am actually acting as a liaison between you and the universe.  If I see your form and I’m overwhelmed and cringe at what’s going on with you, chances are, so is the universe!  Since you pay me to sort it out, I do.  As an outsider, i.e., a neutral party, I actually have the insights to help clear up the confusion that will create the shifts that take you to where you want to be.  

Love & Light,

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