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Acne - Healing the Emotional Cause

Acne can be a real problem for your self-esteem, but it turns out thatacne emotional cause acne could very well be the result of emotional issues and can be resolved by clearing them.

By utilizing an effective tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), you can clear up the emotional issues that cause the problem therefore creating a healing of the physical issue.  The EFT statements below may help you, but if they don't, a healing session with me would help to get to the core cause of the acne, whether it be physical or emotional (or otherwise) and heal those patterns.  

As an intuitive life coach and healing practitioner, I am able to detect the patterns that have caused the acne and send healing to each and every pattern that shows up.  The result is clear skin!

This is how it works...

I like to get one word or short phrase from you that represents the problem (acne, for example), and one word or phrase that represents what you want (clear skin).  With as little information as possible,  I am better able to take my own brain out of the equation and allow answers from the spiritual realm to come forth in the form of images and patterns that I can then send healing to.  What you’ll experience is a a shift toward something better.  In this case, you would notice your skin starting to clear up, and if you don't fall back into the types of patterns that created the acne in the first place, lasting healing. 

I do my best work when I can do the first part of your session off-line at a distance.  After I do the energy work, I send you a report with a description of the patterns that showed up as sometimes healing comes in the message as well as the energy work.  You can take your time to think about how the images resonate and then we can talk on the phone if necessary.  At this point, especially if there’s more work to do, I do want to know your story so I can “troubleshoot” by asking for patterns that need healed in order to bring about the desired outcome, or simply coach you, from my intuitive perspective as to how you can transform your situation.

In any case, if you'd like to start transforming your acne problem right away, you can purchase an initial session with me for only $60.  I offer this low rate for an initial session because I realize you may not know or trust me or this type of work and the low rate gives you the opportunity to experience this type of energy healing.

After you purchase your session, you'll receive a link to a form that by completing will provide me with the information I need to access your energy field and do the healing work.  

The EFT statements below utilize Louise Hay's emotional interpretation of the physical problem.  My free eBook will teach you how to use EFT if you are not familar with the technique.

If you are familiar with EFT, you can try the EFT setup below.

If the cause mentioned in the EFT statements below does not resonate with you, the above mentioned healing session is recommended. Again, I can find the patterns that have caused the problem and send healing to that pattern in addition to sending healing to the physical issue itself. This may result in a complete healing as a cascade of healing energy coming forth from the time the problem started until the present moment.

If you are attempting to tackle this yourself, the first thing you want to do is to clear the negative emotions the acne has created, such as "feeling unattractive". Once we "deeply and completely accept ourselves" in spite of the acne, and clear the core emotional cause of the issue, it may clear up immediately or a remedy will be discovered. I have discovered remedies and cleared up many issues, including acne, by following 6 steps I teach in my Consciousness 101 Course. This course can help you ensure success in this and ANY other area of your life and the self-study course is only $14.44 for a year of access to the online course.

Now onto some EFT statements that may help you clear the emotional cause of acne.

I have my own twist on using EFT for physical issues, and this is what it looks like:

Setup: Even though I may have this acne problem and it may be the result of not accepting the self and a dislike for myself (Hay's words in orange), I deeply and completely accept myself, realizing that I am a Divine expression of life and I love and accept myself where I am right now.

By the way, not accepting the self and a dislike for myself may remind you of something that is going on with you and you can also use that event in the setup phrase. If you're having this issue, feel free to be more specific in your setup phrase if you are so aware.

“Delete” round of tapping: Eye Brow: “deleting this unacceptance and dislike for myself ", Side of Eye: "deleting the dislike ", Under Eye: "deleting any unacceptance and dislike for myself", Under Nose: "deleting the unacceptance of myself ", Chin: "deleting any emotional reasons for my acne", etc. on all the points, including the gamut, alternating with statements relating to the issue.

“Insert” round of tapping: EB: “I am a divine expression of life ", SE: "healing this acne", UE: "I love and accept myself where I am right now", UN: "healing this acne", CH: "inserting love and acceptance of where I am right now", etc. on all the points, including the gamut, alternating with statements that "insert" a feeling of well being.

If you are not familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), this probably won't make a lot of sense to you. To learn about EFT and get more tips, tricks and insights on to how to heal yourself, get my free eBook.

Sometimes an issue is purely physical, which would require the use of other healing modalities to remedy. I have been trained as far as Level 4 Matrix Energetics, which allows me to scan your entire energy field for blocks and imbalances that you may not even know exist but could be causing your symptoms.

I have a few ways of working with people (and animals).

  • Individual distance sessions.
    You can choose between several types of services… 

    - A regular session geared at healing,  

    - A situation session geared at a situation,

    - Or a coaching session combined with energy healing to transform any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pattern. 

    - Pet healings are done on the phone with the pet owner.  As you tell me about your pet, I scan and correct imbalances that may be manifesting as either physical or behavioral problems.

    - What you can expect:  During the session you may have an experience of feeling the energy move through you.  Healing could occur on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. 

  • Consciousness Training.
    I have created a program I call Consciousness 101 – The Law of Attraction.  It is:

    - A 30-day program that teaches you how to create a habit of thinking and acting in a way that brings all good things to you. 

    - Offered as a self-study course

    - Or with a low-cost monthly coaching subscription

  • Specific Manifestation.
    After completing Consciousness 101, The Bright Future Workbook will take you further and deeper into healing past traumas and manifesting all that you want in your life.
  • Free inspirational and educational material.
    I call them Bright Blips.  More than just a photo and a brief message, I try to convey information that helps you make positive changes in your life on a daily basis. 

Wishing you all the best,

Sundi M. Bright