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The Art of Asking

If you’re looking for the art of asking, it’s a simple matter of just doing it!  Is asking for what you want a problem for you?  Don’t know how to ask? Do you often say "I shouldn't have to ask?"  Do you have other issues that keep you from asking for what you want?  Do you feel like you have to do it all yourself?   

Asking is a key part of receiving.  If you expect to get what you want, you’ll need to learn how to ask.  Whether you ask God, the Universe, your significant other, your boss, your kids, or your friends… don’t expect them to know what you want and need.  To master the art of asking, you’ll simply have to clear up your issues around it by tapping. 

If there are things that block your art of asking, try the following EFT statements:

  • Even though ___________ should know what I want, I deeply and completely accept myself. 
  • Even though __________ isn't a mind reader, I deeply and completely accept myself. 
  • Even though I shouldn't have to ask, I deeply and completely accept myself and realize that asking is the first step in receiving.

Then tap on "don't want to have to ask", "asking means I'm bad or greedy", "asking is bad", "I don't deserve what I'm asking for", "can't grasp the art of asking", etc.  Think about what asking means to you.  Think about where that came from.  Tap on any past events that have created your reluctance to ask.  Asking is a very important part of receiving and one you must overcome your blocks about in order to make this process work.   

I had a boyfriend once who seemed to give me a lot of little things, most of which were things I didn't want and just added clutter to my life.  I didn't feel it appropriate to ask for things, and yet when I did, he thought it was the cutest thing and happily provided what I asked for.  That was one of my first lessons in learning to ask.  When you take the responsibility to learn to ask, you take the responsibility off the person you're asking to figure out what you need and they happily (usually) provide.  If you’re asking someone who isn’t happy to provide, remember the gratitude part.  They’ll be a bright blip coming soon on the art of gratitude! 

The same goes for what you ask of the universe, your higher self, God, or whatever or whoever you believe in.  You send mixed signals by thinking you want this or that thing, all the while having inner conflict and limiting beliefs about it.  Your higher power ends up being just as confused as you are.  Get clear on what you want by following the outline in Step 3 of The Bright Future Workbook and then ASK for it. 


Love & Light,

EFT certified

Sundi M. Bright

Abundance Coach
Alternative Healing Practitioner, specializing in EFT and The Reconnection

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