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Attracting Love

Attracting love happens naturally once you are free of the blocks createdattracting love by past traumas and difficult relationships. Most of the work I do involves relationships.  Either creating a relationship or improving a relationship.

Attracting love that is healthy and lasting may require a bit of healing, but if you wish to break old patterns of attracting the same type of person, you will need to heal and shift those patterns that are within you!

Although I may receive information intuitively or clairvoyantly, I have combined these abilities with a very left-brained analytical approach to helping others attract love into their life.

Although tailored to your specific situation, in one or more sessions, we might talk about past patterns in relationships and how they have affected your thinking when it comes to relationships.  I would then look for the cause of any relationship pain or trauma and send healing to the resulting pattern.

We would also talk about and clear any negative emotions or limiting beliefs you’re experiencing as it relates to not yet having someone in your life. Loneliness, feelings of rejection and other emotions resulting from bad dating experiences are emotions that will block you from attracting love. The good news is, these can easily be cleared with EFT.

I can also clairvoyantly look for other patterns that are blocking you from having love in your life.  Those patterns may come from past lives, past relationships (including etheric chords still remaining), ancestral issues, or beliefs created from how mom and dad interacted.  I can send healing to these patterns and clear any detrimental energy from your field. 

We could then talk about the partner of your dreams and the qualities he or she would have.  

I would then check to see if your vibration matches the vibration of this type of partner. 

If it doesn’t, I would apply energy that would raise your vibration to the level that matches this person so that you may attract him or her into your life.

I would then ask to be shown anything that you can do to find this person. 

After the session, I would formulate EFT statements or affirmations to help you lock in the vibration that attracts this person to you. 

My Consciousness 101 program teaches you how to find these blocks yourself, and has all kinds of tips, tools, exercises, along with one “secret” formula to help you manifest all that you wish for.   With the purchase of a session, you get access to all member content on the site. 

I hope to have the opportunity to help you on your journey. 

In loving light,

Sundi Bright
Life Coach & Alternative Healing Practitioner