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Benefits of Meditation

Why meditate? There are many benefits of meditation. Taking time to clear your mind is important to receiving light and information as to how to move forward in achieving your desires. Sometimes it takes years to learn how to meditate effectively. There are some programs out there that you can use to help you get into a meditative state, such as the Centerpointe Program. A Personal Reconnection is also beneficial in that it creates that connection to your higher source that has been lost over time, especially if you don't pray, meditate or talk to your guides. If you are not familiar with this work, I highly recommend reading the book “The Reconnection”, by Dr. Eric Pearl.

If it’s a busy day and you can’t take the time for a full meditation, then take 15 minutes. There are benefits of meditation no matter how much time you take. Also, when you go to sleep at night… if you can stay at that place between being awake and asleep for as long as possible, it is an ideal time to receive information and even healing. If you’ve ever had a reconnective healing or other energy work done and have certain sensations during your healing, you might find that you have them during this time as well. It's a sign that there is a greater force at work within you and that's a good thing!

benefits of meditation