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Consistently Use "The Secret"

If you've found it difficult to consistently use the secret, you're not consistently use the secretalone. It is simply not easy to always be positive and constantly be focused on what you want. It is, however, far too easy to complain about what we're not happy with and get stuck in beliefs that things can't change. It doesn't make you a bad person. It makes you pretty "normal".

But what if you could create a habit of using universal laws to your benefit?

What if you could transform anything and live without fear and worry?

What if you could learn to become conscious of your thoughts and make the effort to point them in the direction of your dreams?

What if "normal" for you was attracting all the great things you wish for with ease and excitement?

consistently use the secretThe easiest way I've found to consistently use "The Secret" is by taking 10 each day and practicing The Secret Formula, which is a formula I have created based on the teaching of Rhonda Byrne, Abraham/Hicks, and so many others. Look for my mobile phone app, coming soon, as this is the easiest way to access the formula and create positive change in your life.

I have also created a 20 minute guided meditation that gives you more power to change by being in the state where infinite possibilities exist. Simply know what "problem" you want to work on and this meditation guides you through turning that problem into a non-issue while moving you toward what you want.

This meditation takes you to a place where you have access to the answers, healing and transformation that will bring you what you desire.

This 20 minute meditation taps into your subconscious and when you use this meditation on a regular basis, creates a habit at the level of the subconscious of creating what you want.

This short meditation is included in the Consciousness 101 material for only $14.44.

All it takes is 20 minutes to transform your situations using this meditation and when you set aside 20 minutes out of every day to go through this process, you are Consistently using The Secret! But that's not all you get. You get access to an online course that teaches you how and why this short meditation is so effective, giving you the confidence to continue using it!

When you use this meditation on a daily basis, you are programming your subconscious to solve problems using The Secret and other universal laws. PROGRAMMING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS so that it becomes part of your subconscious to solve problems so naturally that you will soon realize there is no such thing as a problem! Simply a life that gets better and better.

As you consistently use the secret, it becomes natural for your energy to match that of the good things you want in life.

And when your energy (vibration) matches that of the things you wish for, they manifest into physical form.

When I first read The Secret, as with many of the things I've read, I was excited about applying it. However, as with so many other things, I found that it is so easy to forget and fall back into old habits of negativity, complaining, and mundane activity. It was not easy to consistently use the secret without some kind of formula to follow. Have you experienced this yourself?

I decided I had to do something that would allow me to consistently use the secret and make it a habit without cutting into my busy life. And so I created The Secret "Formula". Really, just a 6-step process that I consistently use the secretstarted out journaling in the mornings. Things got even better after I created the meditation to do the work from a meditative state.

Wow, did my days get better when I did this!

And so, I kept doing it.

And everything else got better and the things that seemed so bad weren't so bad anymore and I started to attract great things into my life!

I went from having endless health problems to having perfect health, a toned body and tons of energy!

I went from always coming up short financially, to having money magically come my way.

I went from being in a bad relationship, afraid to let go, to having the world at my feet when it came to dating.

And now the 6-step process is natural and I can transform any negative-seeming situation with ease.

consistently use the secretI want this for you! It is such an awesome thing to feel that the universe has your back! That becomes obvious when you follow these universal laws on a consistent basis. When you become more conscious of what you're putting out there, you can turn things around very quickly!

I find it fun and therapeutic to use these 6 steps in my journaling, which I may breeze through before I do the meditation so I have an idea of what I want to transform during the short meditation. At night I pull out my journal to write about all the ways I notice the universe shifting toward what I want and go to bed feeling happy and excited. You could also do the meditation before going to sleep, which may prompt insights & epiphanies while you dream.

The "formula" that I developed is outlined in The Bright Future Workbook and Consciousness 101, my online course in the practical aspects of consciousness, The Secret, and The Law of Attraction. These 2 products, and especially the included meditition, make it fun and easy to consistently use the secret!

The Secret Formula integrates every consistently use the secretaspect of the law of attraction, "The Secret", and other laws of the universe that when used properly, result in a happy, fulfilled life. The laws of the universe are always part of your life and if you're not experiencing life the way you wish it to be, you are not taking advantage of universal energies that will work for you when you apply them correctly.

Working through this formula becomes time that consistently use the secretyou thoroughly enjoy as a key part of your day. And when you are using this process everyday and looking back through your journal at the progress you've made, you feel in awe of your ability to create and it keeps you consistently using the secret formula. And then you get to a point where your manifestation abilities are exponential! When it becomes so obvious that you really do create by following this step by step process, the world becomes a magical place of your creation!


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