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Creditors Calling?

How to use the law-of-attraction to create change

When the phone is ringing with creditors calling about late payments, it creditors callingcan leave you with an anxiety that does not help you be in a vibration to attract the money you need to pay them.  Having creditors calling can create this downward spiral that only makes things worse.  It seems those creditors really need to learn the law-of-attraction if they want to get paid!

My formula, which is taught in my law-of-attraction 30-day course, can teach you how to turn any situation, like one of creditors calling, into something good.

Here’s an idea to start

Use EFT to change the way you feel when the phone rings.  The key  is to be feeling positive and then ask for what you want.  The following EFT statements may help:

Even though I have these creditors calling, and it only seems to enhance my feelings of lack, I love and accept myself and realize there is a solution to every problem, and every time that phone rings I choose to feel how wonderful it feels to be close to having that solution.

Even though they are relentless and I don’t know how they think the harassing phone calls will help anyone get the money, I love and accept myself, knowing that I am on the verge of finding a solution to this problem.

Even though the calls only make me anxious, I love and accept myself and choose to believe that every time that phone rings, it means I’m closer to finding a solution.

Tap OUT the bad feelings:

  • Clearing the bad feeling when the phone rings
  • Clearing that feeling
  • That anxious feeling
  • The anxiety
  • The feelings of lack
  • The feelings that I don’t have it
  • Clearing all that fear and worry that bubble up inside of me
  • It doesn’t help
  • Getting rid of it
  • Don’t need it

Then tap in the good feelings:

  • Phone ringing means I’m one step closer to a solution
  • I like the sound of that phone ringing
  • If I have time I answer it and tell them so
  • I’m looking forward to the solution
  • The phone ringing is like an angels wings signifying the I’m near a solution
  • I love the phone to ring
  • It raises my vibrations
  • I am matching that abundant vibration that brings me the solution
  • It is near
  • It is near
  • It is almost here

That should make a difference for you!

Love & Light,

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