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Daily Journal

Don’t forget to keep a daily journal and remember your successes! Sometimes we get caught up in beating ourselves up for what we don't get done, but it is important that you keep a daily journal all of your successes (ie. write them in your workbook) whether they are big or small because the feeling you get from having that success will help you create future successes. If you've ever heard of NLP, it's similar to that.

When I have successfully manifested something from my “What-I-Want” or “Manifestation” worksheet, I either journal that in one of the pages in “Section 2 – Raise Your Vibrations”, or I take the entire page and put it under Section 2. What used to be a "want" is now a "success" and you can use that success to create future success. Let's say you want something similar in the future... when you go through the manifestation process to get the thing that you want, you will be imagining a past success, so don't forget them! Write them down! Keep them in a daily journal. Doing so will magnify your manifestation abilities. You'll feel the gratitude of having achieved the success once you write it down, you'll feel the feeling of having it when you look back on it and you'll be able to create that same feeling for the new thing you want much more easily.

It will allow you to keep going and going, achieving ALL that you desire.  

I also offer life coaching, specializing in abundance and I can help you get to the point of manifesting what you want much more quickly than you can on your own.  You may need to learn to appreciate yourself and with regular coaching using EFT, that can be accomplished very quickly.

I may ask the tough questions that bring up the issues you might not be able to on your own and the truth (and the tapping) will set you free… free to manifest all you want in life!

If you'd rather do it on your own, my workbook can help guide you through the process.


Love & Light,

EFT certified

Sundi M. Bright

Life Coach specializing in Abundance
Alternative Healing Practitioner, specializing in EFT and The Reconnection