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Decision Making

Do you realize the decision making process is similar to the manifestation process?  It’s similar and in addition, the ability to make the right decisions in a timely manner is an invaluable skill in the manifestation process. 

There are a lot of people out there that get stuck in making decisions.  I was one of them.  In fact, I was one of them until recently until I remembered I have an incredible tool that I can use in making decisions. 

Which way do I go?  What do I do next?  I have all of these ideas, but which one will get me the results I want the fastest?  Decision making was NOT one of my strong points.  I’d often get so overwhelmed with ideas that I didn’t do anything except sit there looking at my list! 

But then, I realized that I can simply use The Secret Formula to help me with my decisions.  1.  Clear my negative emotions about not being able to make a decision, with being overwhelmed, with being stuck in what to do next.  2. Raise my vibrations by thinking about the times I’ve been highly effective, and 3.  Ask for answers.  

The ask-for-answers part is easier if you know how to receive answers.  The one tool I forgot I could use to get answers was muscle testing (applied kinesiology).  Let the part of you that knows the answers to the decision making! If you are not a muscle tester, I highly recommend learning how to muscle test.  Your body has the answers, and if you are not attached to an outcome, your answers can be quite accurate.  I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface, but recently, I have used muscle testing to ask questions such as “should I advertise with this company” or “would doing so be profitable”, etc.  The key is learning to ask the right questions and not be too vague.  When you are asking yes or no questions, your questions should be very specific.

I believe the more clear you are of negative emotions, and the less attached you are to a specific outcome, the more accurate your muscle testing.  I also truly believe you will get more accurate answers if you have a true connection to your higher self, and especially, the entire planet and beyond.  A connection like this can be created with The Reconnection, also known as a Personal Reconnection.  I also believe that the questions you can ask and get answers to after a Personal Reconnection go beyond what has to do with yourself.  After your Personal Reconnection, after lines are brought in that connect you to the gridlines of the planet, the more that oneness is evident.  And when you experience oneness with the entire planet, you may ask questions about just about anything!

decision making