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Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything Happens For A Reason? reason for suffering


So what's the reason? What could be the reason for suffering?

The reason is... your thoughts are creating your life.

If you are focused on what you want and for the most part, staying positive, this glitch you may have run into is just the universe shifting to bring you what you want. Everything that's happening for a reason will be a positive reason! Although it may be uncomfortable, welcome it, and simply NOTICE that things are shifting and that good things are on its way to you.

If your thoughts are negative and fearful, you are getting what you're thinking about. Everything that's happening for a reason may not be a good reason. The only reason for suffering is to learn to create your life in a positive way. Something good may not come out of a negative situation unless you decide to make it good by turning your thoughts around, learning from the situation and making a change. Realize that the only reason for suffering is so that you can say "Hey, I don't like this. This is not what I want." Your negative emotions are only there to help you get to where to do want to be. Now that you know what you don't want, you can figure out what you do want. And when you do that, you can move in that direction.

YOU can make the statement "Everything Happens for a Reason", a good reason.

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