The Secret Formula

The Game of Life

After completing the Manifestation Request, you might want to think about life as a game and your problem as something you conquer to move on to the victory of your desire

The more neutral you can be, simply looking for the way you gain power in the situation, the more clear the path is to your desire. 

Note your negative emotions and see if you can visualize the energy from the people and situations that seem to contribute to them and instead of that energy penetrating into your energy field, they bounce off your shield of neutrality.

Gratitude is like a boost of extra power that moves you closer to what you want more quickly. Write down as many things as you can think of to be grateful for, especially in your current situation and bring these things back to mind if you start to feel down. Go back to your list if you have to!

If you need help healing the defenses that actually block you from what you want, I can help you heal those patterns in a personal session .