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Feel like bad luck is following you? Do you want to get lucky? In other words, do you want to be one of those people who seem to naturally be lucky?

Do this: ASK to get lucky! Why not? I believe "the secret formula" applies to all things, and part of that formula is ASKING for what you DO want, including getting lucky. Bad things happen? Okay, you now know what you don't want. Not wanting something helps you to realize what you do want, so it's not all bad. The key to changing your luck is to ask for what you do want and that can include being a lucky person in general. You don't want to ask for things "not" to go wrong... you want to ask that all things go "right". It is so important to focus on what you DO want, not what you don't want. How do you do it? Put it through “the formula”.

The first thing to do in your quest to get lucky is to complete step 1 of the secret formula and neutralize your negative emotions about being unlucky. Tap: "Even though I have bad luck, I deeply and completely accept myself". Assess how much you feel that is true after your first round of tapping. If it still feels true, tap again. "Even though I might not feel like I deserve to get lucky or be a lucky person, I deeply and completely accept myself". Does that still feel true? Once you no longer feel unlucky, do step 2 to get yourself into a feel good state and then do step 3 and command good luck... "I request the presence and attention of my higher self and all spirit guides"... or "Dear God…" (or who or whatever it is you believe in)... “Thank you for all the good things that have happened lately, but I'd like to make a request that ALL good things happen. Thank you for your love and presence in my life and for granting each and every request I make.”

No more worrying, no more whining, no more feeling sorry for yourself. You've made your request and now everything is cool. That's the feeling you need to have inside to have everything actually be cool. I recommend clearing up any doubts before you even make the request so that the request is coming from a position of strength and not of weakness.

After you’ve asked for good luck, I want you to notice your thoughts. Do you think and imagine the worst? Do you say to yourself “Oh, I don’t want this or that to happen”? Simply notice where your mind goes. When you see this happening, make it a point to imagine a good outcome and go through the steps of the secret formula to creating a desired outcome.

If you follow the workbook everyday, you can setup each and every one of your days for success.

Good luck!

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