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Gratitude At Work

I thought of some examples of gratitude at work today that I wanted to share with you.   I used to have a distorted view about gratitude before I started following the process outlined in The Bright Future Workbook and I never got anywhere.  With my new understanding of gratitude, I am experiencing abundance like never before and I want to see the same thing happening for you!

I used be of the mindset that if the guy I was with bought me something, that if I was over the top with gratitude, it meant I didn't deserve it or something like that.  It's hard to say what my reasoning was, but I have to tell you that I was uncomfortable with having a guy buy me things.  It might've even been more of a thing where the expectation and obligation that I believed came along with that was too much, but in any case, my reaction of not being very grateful didn't get me much from men. And on my end, I've given gifts without even the slightest acknowledgement. Although I didn't give to get anything return, without the expression of gratitude, I felt that the person I gave to didn't want or need what I had to give, and so why give any more? And I didn't.

Since I've been using The Bright Future Workbook, I have learned to be more grateful and therefore, I receive more… a LOT more.  I’ve experienced gratitude at work and the results are phenomenal!   I've also realized I deserve it and the only thing that's really "expected" in return for what I get, is gratitude.  Sometimes it feels like gratitude IS work when a person may be trying to hard to get the gratitude, making a turn-off to give it, but when you think about it, here we have someone who wants to feel loved just like anybody else, so why not be a little over-the-top with gratitude? Do that and then watch gratitude at work.  It makes everyone feel good and brings even more things into your life!  Incidentally, in addition to showing my gratitude to the person doing things for me, I also take time when I’m doing workbook stuff to thank the universe for that person, and for all of the abundance in my life, really getting into the feeling of gratitude. 

Try it with someone close to you… the next time they do any little thing, be a little over-the-top with thankfulness for what they did and see if they aren't even more motivated to give or do things for you!  It's a great lesson in gratitude because it works the same way in the universe.  Be grateful for all that you have right now.  Even if you feel like you're lacking in some area of your life, express thanks and feel the gratitude for what you do have.  The vibration of gratitude is one of the highest vibrating emotions on the scale and will bring you much abundance!  

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