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Healing Constipation

Detailed testimonial of how this work helped a young girl's serious constipation issue

Healing Constipation

The notes that follow is the feedback I received from one mother who purchased 2 sessions for her daughter's serious constipation issue. The first request for healing was targeted more at emotional issues per the request of this 6 year old's mother.

The Problem

"Hi Sundi, my daughter is constipated and had a leaky gut and turns 7 in November. For the past year I have worked hard at doing research and taking her to a series of 'alternative' / energy medicine / homeopathic practitioners. The results are underwhelming. My daughter's leaky gut leaves her smelly and when she finally is able to go eliminate solid waste it is usually after a few days and her body has a lot to get out. I don't believe any of the practitioners I have taken my daughter to has really been effective in helping her to move forward and transition out of this."


After her first session

"The night you worked with Christy's energy patterns, she woke herself up and went to the bathroom. It has been many, many months since she has done this on her own and usually I wake her up around 10 or 11 for her to go bathroom -- otherwise most times, there will be an accident. I also noticed that she was much calmer in the morning when she woke and much calmer during the week. She also eliminated the next morning. Yay!

I also notice that it was as if a layer of fear had lifted and she was much more comfortable with her physical presence. I also sense a bit more confidence about her".


After her second session

"Sundi, thank you for sharing your healing gifts with my daughter. Christy woke up the morning after her session and was so happy and at the end of the day she did not have any accidents. There was a tremendous ease and carefree nature about her and her energy felt so clear and calm.  She was also regular today [the following day].  She was very happy and asked if you had worked with her.  I know she is receiving a tremendous amount of healing through your work.

…. Mentions how the images from the reading resonated with her but since readings are quite personal, I am leaving the details out ….

I am very grateful to have connected with you. Thank you again. "



My client wishes to remain anonymous, but is willing to be used as a reference. If you are interested in speaking with her directly, please contact me for her name and email address.