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How Can I Get Money?

The big question for a lot of people these days is "How Can I Get Money?"

Economic issues have made it tough for people to pay their bills and how can i get money as the stack of unpaid bills starts to pile up, most of us simply don't want to look at them.

It’s very natural that we don’t want to look at that which makes us feel bad. Debt or late payments can certainly have that effect.  We may be so behind we don’t even want to look at our bills.  When you don't know "How I Can Get Money", why even look at the problem? After all, if you don’t have the money, why even open the envelope, right? 

The truth is the very act of observing it… precluded by a few other simple, yet important steps that can be done in less than a minute… can start transforming the situation immediately. 

Here’s what you do…

Make a spreadsheet or list of all that’s due now and look at it EVERYDAY.  If your “problem” isn’t what’s due now, make a spreadsheet of your total debt.  List all credit card balances, house payments, car payments, and any other current or upcoming bills that you will have to pay. 

Then use the principals defined in my Consciousness 101 program and change it! Therein lies the formula to the question "How Can I Get Money?"

Then use the same formula with everything else in your life you’d like to change!  Health, relationships, money…  anything.

Consciousness 101 is a 30-day course on how to become more conscious, master the law-of-attraction and CHANGE anything you want to change simply by 1) following a few simple steps that are outlined in my program, and then 2) observing what's different.  It will also help you uncover the subconscious things that are blocking you from abundance so that you can transform those as well. 

However, I won’t make you wait 30-days to find out what to do with this spreadsheet you’ve created and how to find the answer to the question "How Can I Get Money?"

As soon as you download your purchase, you will receive the course material PLUS special bonus material that will tell you specifically what to do next so that you can start seeing this “problem” transform IMMEDIATELY.

AND, the self-study program is ON SALE until the end of the month for only $29.95! 

I hope to work with you soon.


Love & Light,

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