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I recently had an experience in How To Be Smarter that helped me to realize the value of The Secret Formula in making you to be smarter

Here’s my story and you may be able to relate, especially if you like Starbucks iced coffee the “old way”.

I go into Starbucks the other day and order my usual iced coffee.  The same drink I’ve been getting for YEARS.  For the most part, it’s always tasted pretty much the same… at any Starbucks I go to. Don't stop reading! This article will tell you HOW TO BE SMARTER!

Well, the other day, it was WAY weaker.  Pretty much tasted like flavored water.  So, I went in to let a barista know about it.  He said that they have a new recipe.  Then they said that it’s not really a new recipe, but it’s that they’ve been making the iced coffee incorrectly and they’ve been informed to make it correctly and ADMIT that it is more watered down.   However, they fixed my coffee by adding a shot and I was fine for this visit. A little more to this story and you WILL LEARN how to be smarter!

The next visit, however, I ask if they’re still using the same watered down recipe that they used yesterday and they confess that that’s the way they have to do it.  I find this VERY irritating that I have to order an add-shot to get my coffee to taste the same way it’s tasted for years.  VERY irritating!  In my irritation, I order the add-shot and pay $3.20 for a coffee that used to cost me $2.45.  Even though I created the formula, it hasn't yet dawned on me how to be smarter!

Today, after I finished at the gym, I decided to stop for coffee.  On my way, I remembered the watered down iced coffee and I once again started to get irritated about the whole injustice of the whole thing and that Starbucks should be sued for the way they’re screwing people over and making them pay more, etc., etc. 

Then I stopped and remembered that I have a formula for situations like this.  In addition, a higher priced cup of coffee is not worth the low-vibrating state that could make my day worse if I let it.  And so I neutralize the negative emotion, go through the other steps quickly in my head, and IMMEDIATELY have an idea!  I figured out HOW TO BE SMARTER!

I make sure that I clear the thoughts that are telling me that they won’t allow me to do it, because I could very well create that outcome if I keep thinking it!  I switch my thoughts to visualizing everything going as planned. 

I get up to the counter and place my order… “One tall bold coffee (hot), poured over ice in a grande cup, please”.  For some reason, they always give you a hot coffee right there and don’t make you wait at the other counter for your coffee like they do with the iced coffee. 

It took her a bit longer to figure out this "complicated" order… she put it in another hot cup, but I ended up with a coffee that tastes even better than my regular iced coffee and for only $1.65, which is less than the $2.45 that I used to pay for my coffee and way less than the $3.20 I paid when I was irritated and ordered. 

My purpose in telling you this story is 1) that if you liked the iced coffee the old way, you might now want to order it this way, and 2) to realize that this formula works every time you have a negative emotion about something. 

You CAN create a different life experience.  You can learn how to be smarter! Your negative emotion is only there as an indicator of what you don’t want.  You will be able to think much more clearly without the negative emotions, therefore making you smarter!   There is an answer to every problem somewhere out there in the universe.  They call this a morphic or morphagenic field and you do have access to it. 

The way to continually improve every aspect of your life experience is to use The Secret Formula.  The way to make it a HABIT is to go through my Consciousness 101 Course

Kick start a fabulous new life by signing up for the Ultimate Package and allow me to help you access this morphic field where all the answers lie! 

Love & Light,

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