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After Your Session

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After Your Sessionreading healing instructions

Thank you for trusting me to assist you on your journey.

More than anything else, after your session, you should simply be noticing what's different.

Transformation has been facilitated by accessing the state of possibilities and noticing what's different (without judgment) will continue the transformation process.

In a transformative healing session, after reviewing your form submission, I will determine what to look for. Troubleshooting the human energy field is not much different than troubleshooting a computer. You have to know what to look for based on the symptoms you are having.

Although I have a process and specific things that I look for in a session, the information you give me will help me determine what else may need to be explored to get to the bottom of your "problem".

The images I get to answer the questions I ask may be literal, or they may be symbolic. Notice the way you feel when you read the description of the image I get in your reading. Think about how this is relevant in your life. Ask the same question I asked from your own point of view. In other words, one question may be "If I knew what mindset keeps me stuck in this problem pattern, what would it be?" Notice what answer immediately comes to mind. By the way, if I didn't get an image and simply worked to shift a pattern that had no explanation... and you feel you need answers... ask the question of your higher self and note what comes to mind. Or you may have to ask a question based on the visual itself. For example, for one client I saw an image of being in a tunnel and all of a sudden a wave came crashing into the tunnel from the other side, washing up and blurring my vision. In that case, the question may be "If I knew what this wave is that is blurring my vision, what would that be?"

Feel free to write about it, either in a journal, or in a reply email to me. I'd love to hear how you resonate with an image. I may be able to provide futher guidance when I'm more familar with the details of the message. Sometimes I have no idea what I’m even looking at and will do my best to describe it down to every detail in case the information is something that is meaningful to you. If the image is symbolic and you don't understand it, you may want to search the internet for the dream interpretation of the image/scene I describe. The book "Spirit Animals 101" is also a good reference if the image of an animal shows up in your reading. If you don't have the book or don't want to purchase it, let me know and I'd be happy to send you a screen shot of the pages from the book. Most of the time I will offer my interpretation based on the feeling I get from the visual, but ultimately, you will know your situation best. I only get glimpses of key aspects. When you consider the message in your reading, you take the information from your subconscious into your conscious where you will be better able to shift it into a resonance with the more useful pattern that will show up as well.

In addition, you will want to consider the healing message. The image of healing that I get may be something you need to do, it may be that the knowledge itself creates the shift, or it may be the way the angels are healing the pattern for you. Honestly, sometimes that's all it takes is awareness and putting your attention on the "problem" pattern to create the change you're looking for. If all I see is color and energy, chances are the pattern is being healed by the angels and again, all you need to do is notice. I also highly recommend you making a statement of choice to let the universe know you prefer the pattern that is in alignment with your desire over the pattern that has been blocking you from your desire. For example: "I choose to experience the emotional pattern that is in alignment with my desire of [state the desire you indicated for the work]". If your consciousness resonates with the pattern that is in alignment with your desire, the shift will occur. Making the statement of choice should be all that's needed to make this shift. If you resist the change offered by spirit, you may not see much of a shift.

If there is a need to deal with a pattern more specifically, you can do so in a couple of different ways. You may run the problem/situation/message through The Secret Formula, which you will receive as part of my Consciousness 101 course, or in The Secret Formula iPhone app, or you may want to purchase a follow-up session to focus on healing all the underlying patterns to the underlying pattern! If you have purchased a regular session and have further questions, please let me know. I also offer a monthly coaching/healing package to provide continual, daily coaching, although these packages are limited.

Again, the most important thing you can do is NOTICE how things are different in your experience. Look for changes in all areas of your life, not only in the problem that we have worked on. The “problem” that you have been concerned with is a result of inner workings (underlying patterns). Because of this, you may see a shift in other areas of your life before you see your problem shift into what you specifically want to manifest. For example, you may see shifts in perceptions and attitudes as this work is shifting patterns in the mental and emotional bodies. Shifts such as these will often create openings for the changes you want in your life.

Any shift (even if it seems negative at first) is a good sign! You may be especially emotional and even experience more pain or other symptoms of detox. Shifts may take place for up to 2 weeks after your session. It would be a good idea to be keeping a journal at this time and especially using the steps of The Secret Formula.

I am grateful for the opportunity to assist you on your journey. I would love to hear how these images resonate with you and what you're noticing in the days/weeks to come, so please keep in touch. Manifesting what you want is a process of 1) shifting patterns that have created the “don’t wants”, 2) clearing the blocks to what you want, and 3) finding the gifts that will help you manifest your desire and doing a few tricks with energy to raise your vibration and bring you into alignment with what you want.

It can be fun and enlightening to continue with these sessions in order to clear the way to WHO YOU REALLY ARE and manifest all that you wish for. Know that this type of healing will create positive shifts in many areas of your life. The possibilities for your evolution, expansion and awareness are limitless and I hope to have the opportunity to help you reach your full potential.

In loving light, 
Sundi Bright