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Lack of... Abundance?

If you are feeling a lack of anything… if you have stepped out of the flow... remember, you can step right back into it!  The easiest way to do that is to use The Secret Formula. 

1) Neutralize your negative emotions (use EFT to tap on even though I feel lack of _____)

2) Raise your vibrations (think about those times when you were in the flow)

3) Focus on what you want (not what you don’t want) & feel that feeling of already having it. 

The daily page of the Bright Future Action Guide helps me eliminate that “lack of” feeling and gets me back on track right away.  And if I get off-track in the course of the day, I go back to #2 on that page and get myself back into the feeling of being in the flow.  #2 of the daily page is your flip switch topic of the day.  When you start feeling down, doubtful or sorry for yourself, go back to #2 and then #3 and realize that all that you want is already on its way to you. That there is no need to feel down because you can create the life you want and the outcome you want in any situation.  STAY in the flow by following the process every single day.  The daily pages which are part of the Action Guide help you stay there.  There are days when I use 2 daily pages and increase the velocity of the flow! 

Here is an EFT statement to help you with Step #1:

Even though I’m feeling lack of “something” right now and that this or that is happening in my life, I love and accept myself and realize that all that I ask for is on it’s way to me and that this event in my life is my chance to grow, it’s just a part of the process and I embrace it with love and acceptance, realizing that everything is going to be alright, and I step into the flow by looking forward to the blessings & abundance that are soon to appear in my life.

Love & Light,

EFT certified

Sundi M. Bright

Life Coach specializing in Abundance
Alternative Healing Practitioner, specializing in EFT and The Reconnection

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