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Let It Go

The best way to receive what you want is to ask and then Let It Go. Have you made your request to the universe, your higher self, God or whoever you believe in?  Are you still stressing about when and how you will get it?  LET IT GO.  Stressing about the when and the how and trying to force it will not bring it to you. You can, however, take the time each day to imagine yourself having the thing that you want and feel the feeling of having it. If you experience conflict or resistence when you imagine yourself having what you want, then that is when you use EFT or the HAMR, or whatever tools you are familiar with to help you neutralize any negative emotions or limiting beliefs. The goal is to get to the point of being so confident that you will have it that you need not even think about it anymore. But, until you get to that point, check in with your higher self... think about that thing you want, be aware of any negative emotions surrounding it and neutralize them.

When have you simply thought about something you wanted and received it? Think about the times when that happened and write them in Section II of your workbook.  They are reinforcement of how manifesting the things you want come most easily when you let them go.

Here's an example of a small thing. There was a time when, clutzy me, I pulled my motorcycle out of my garage, got flustered about something going on around me, and dropped it. After I got it up, I wondered if something might be wrong with the bike's inner workings and yet didn't see anything. The next morning (a Sunday) I rode to the local coffee house and a friend was there with his bike. He was getting ready to ride it over to the home of a motorcycle repairman to have the oil changed. I was able to go with him, let the guy check out my bike, and have the peace of mind that nothing was wrong. That's a little thing, but there have been big things as well.

I might've mentioned in a previous sun-blip about how I needed an office to work out of while my home office was occupied. I simply put the request out to the universe, somehow knew something would come up, and LET IT GO. Within a week I got a call from the relative of someone I had done healing on that spoke to me about my healing work, and then said that he had an office that he wasn't using all the time and asked if I'd like to use it. I never even brought up the need... and there it was... the opportunity to use his office which had a beautiful Atrium view and was available right up until the time that my home office became available for use.

I'm sure you have had similar situations. Bring that feeling of being able to easily manifest what you want and need into your body's energy system and then use it on the things you currently want to manifest.

Good luck!


let it go