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I want you to know that this life workbook planner is having a profound effect on my life. Besides benefiting from the exercises, it seems that reading your material has helped me open up to the Universe as I never imagined I could possibly do again. AND although I've used some of your processes for several years, it's working for me like never before.
Let me thank you for making all of this possible. Your material is beyond fantastic! :o)

I started using the Bright Future Workbook about 6 weeks ago and have seen big transformations in my life. More...


I am a trained doctoral level therapist who has used cognitive behavioral therapy for years with patients, and yet your systsem seems to be the easiest, most sane, logical and least trendy or gimicky system I have found and am so excited about what it can do for my patients but most of all (selfishly) for myself and I am forever grateful. More...




Life Workbook Planner

A life workbook planner to guide you through creating a life of abundance

The Bright Future Workbook

The Bright Future Workbook is your life workbook planner and has been developed to guide you through planning and creating the life you want. By providing you with an organized system for clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs, raising your vibrations to a highly attractive level, and stepping you through how to define and get what you want, this life workbook planner is all you need to absolutely create everything in life you could possibly desire.

This life workbook planner is based on concepts such as The Secret and the law-of-attraction, and provides the missing link to making the law-of-attraction work for you. It provides little known about tools to help you get your mind to where it's supposed to be to attract the things you want in life. And it does so quickly! If you've studied books like The Secret, been to the seminars on the law-of-attraction, and studied many other personal development methods until you're blue in the face, but it just isn't happening for you, this workbook is for you. And even if you haven't done the studying, this workbook will save you a lot of time because it's all there in an easy to use format.

It's a daily guide AND a record of your successes!

It’s all outlined in an easy to use and fun format. You only need to spend a few minutes a day using this life workbook planner.  It not only guides you through a daily routine of getting yourself into an abundance attracting state, but it’s a journal that will create more success for you than you've ever experienced before!   

Success becomes so fun and easy you'll wonder how you ever did without it!

By using a life workbook planner everyday, you will be able to watch magical things start to happen.  With each day that you use this workbook, your manifestation abilities will grow stronger and stronger and you'll actually look forward to your creation time! In order to become proficient in anything, you must practice! The Bright Future Workbook is a life workbook planner that guides you through what you must do for a few minutes everyday in order to get good at manifesting all that you desire! Imagine... a few minutes a day is all it takes turn on the abundance magnet in your brain!  

Watch your dreams unfold before your eyes!

The possibilities are endless… whether you want more money, a better job, to start your own business, to be in a fulfilling relationship, to lose weight, to have more energy, enjoy perfect health, look and feel younger, or have total peace of mind, this is THE life workbook planner that will help you to achieve every single thing you want.  And you will absolutely LOVE the process and the techniques you'll learn to make your life SO much easier!

Secrets Revealed!

This workbook includes little known about techniques that will make a huge difference in how quickly you manifest what you want. You will be floored by the simplicity and effectiveness of these techniques. You're going to be able to start making SIGNIFICANT changes in your life IMMEDIATELY!

Order yours today and take your first step to having everything you want in life!! 

Order today and you'll get these added BONUSES in PDF format as well:
Action Guide

The Bright Future Action Guide

The perfect compliment to The Bright Future Workbook, this guide will help you manage all the ideas and opportunities that start coming your way when you're using The Bright Future Workbook.

Weight Loss Guide

The Bright Future Guide to Weight Loss

By using the concepts outlined in this guide, I have reached my desired weight and kept it off without taking supplements or other pills and eating what I want. You can too!

Bright Future Guide to Self Healing

The Bright Future Guide to Self Healing

This guide takes the concepts behind the Bright Future Workbook and specifically targets them toward self healing. It includes concepts not found in the workbook that will help you determine the emotional cause of of your physical problem(s).

Bright Future Guide to Healing Intense Negative Emotions

The Bright Future Guide to Healing Intense Emotional Issues

There are times in our life when we may experience loss, grief, depression or worse. This guide can help you work through those periods of intense emotional pain so that you can move on and into a place of healing, growth and ultimate abundance!

Special Gift

VERY SPECIAL GIFT... For a limited time only, I am including a very special manifestation worksheet. This one product alone is worth 100s of dollars! Create the outcome in any situation: a date, an interview, or a business meeting. Foster ideas & creativity. Attract people, opportunities, & money.

This is a SIMPLE, yet POWERFUL formula and up until now, reserved for those who have mastered the techniques taught in the Bright Future Workbook. The more you use the concepts in the workbook, the more confident you'll become at manifesting even bigger things using this formula! Download today before I change my mind about offering this package at such an incredibly low price!


Downloadable, PDF Version, only $24.95!

Get started immediately. With this downloadable PDF, you can print the workbook as often as you like. You may even complete the fields in the form first and then print one page or the entire workbook. Organize your pages in a binder or folder for your convenience. When you purchase the pdf, you'll automatically receive any revised versions to the pdf workbook for up to one year. Comes with all of the bonuses mentioned above and more!

$24.95 USD

PDF Version is 3.5MB



  The Bright Future Workbook
Spiral Bound, only $14.95!
(plus shipping)

If you prefer to receive the workbook in printed format, we also offer it in a beautiful, spiral bound version for portability and ease-of-use. 114 pages.


  The Bright Future Action Guide, spiral bound version, only $14.95!
(plus shipping)

This beautiful, spiral bound version of the Action Guide is designed for portability and ease-of-use. This workbook is 142 pages of masterfully laid out pages. Although it can be used at your own pace, the action guide is designed to be completed in 30 days.




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