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Lost Love

Are you experiencing lost love?

Whether it be a relationship breakup or trouble in a relationship due to lost loveinfidelity, miscommunication or otherwise, I have discovered a single set of EFT statements that can shift you from the love pain associated with lost love into a more powerful state of mind.

There are a whole lot of emotions associated with circumstances like this and it can seem overwhelming and hopeless when you're stuck in it.

This set of EFT statements quickly shifts you out of that place of being stuck and into a powerful state of mind which can then shift the situation DRAMATICALLY into something much better. Especially if you're using The Secret Formula.

This cognitive shift is the first step in either resolving the relationship issues or moving on and being okay with that.

My free eBook has the EFT statements that can completely change your perspective and create healing and resolution.

I also offer alternative healing sessions utilizing EFT as a primary modality to healing the emotions that keep us stuck. Stuck in physical issues and stuck in a way that keeps us from fullfilling our dreams. I spent almost 40 years of my life "stuck" in many ways. And then I started using EFT and experienced a wonderful transformation in my own life. After many years of personal development studies, I put together a workbook that would allow me to get myself on a fast track to healing my issues and getting the things I want in my life. And the results have been miraculous! The Bright Future Workbook can help you do the same! It's a wonderful tool that I'm proud to share with you. I hope you'll take advantage of my many years of persistence in finding a formula that can turn your life around in a short period of time.

Wishing you all the best,

Sundi M. Bright

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