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Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh how I love Valentine’s Day!

Creating love is my specialty and I just love helping others manifest love in their lives.

Whether you wish to improve a current relationship or create a new one, I would love to help.  I can offer guidance as to what has held you back from the love you deserve, and help you heal and shift those patterns to a vibration that invites and attracts the love you desire.

I’ve had clients tell me things about their significant other that makes me wonder, even as a life coach, how their situation can be transformed. My own thoughts may even be that a separation might be the best thing, and yet I know that miraculous transformations can occur when I connect with higher guides and angels, which is what I do. The information and healing that comes through from the spirit realm can change your perspective in a way that positively transforms your thinking, your energy, and what you’ve been attracting... even in a current relationship!

Not only can current relationships be transformed for the better with my clairvoyant healing, new love can be attracted into your life by healing the patterns that so far have attracted what you don’t want.

Here are some testimonials of how my work has transformed relationships and attracted love:

"My relationship with Rick [had experienced] a sudden & unexpected change in our relationship. For more than a month Rick & I had not spoken.

I submitted my questionnaire very late sat night & went to sleep. When I woke up at 7:30 am I had a text message from Rick"... (see full testimonial)

-Ashlee, N Myrtle Beach, SC USA

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“My reading was so helpful for helping to create more of a connection and better feeling with my husband. I noticed a difference the first day and has continued. I noticed my husband was more drawn to me, more responsive, connected and interested. Which brought out a different response in me toward him. The biggest result is I am liking being around him again. It feels like we are both interested and connected to each other with more peace and calmness. He has verbally told me he has been feeling so supported by me lately. I don't remember either of us using that word to describe the other! I have a different perspective on my marriage after this healing took place. Before I couldn't stop wondering how we were going to stay together. I am watching different reality unfold as if i am watching a different movie."

-L. Johnson

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“I felt an amazing shift from my reading and feel like this was the best thing I could ever had done for my family. Immediately after the session, I noticed feeling closer with my husband and communication got so much better. The session was very uplifting to our relationship. I highly recommend Sundi as a healer and reader. You will notice a shift almost immediately."

-Rosa, Texas

(Rosa's session was for the purposes of improving her relationship with her husband. Generally I recommend a session for each party and one for the relationship itself, but in this case, the session for Rosa transformed the entire relationship).

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"My name is Manu and I want to say that I was blown away by the speed, effectiveness and depth of the experience with Sundi’s session. The first effects were INSTANT, right after filling in the form and the greatest result I got on the FOURTH DAY! Today is the 16th day since I applied for the session and things are getting better over time."

[Manu's video testimonial of fun and romance]

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After you purchase a love session, you will receive a link to a form that will give me the personal information I need to connect to your energy field, calling on your personal guides and angels and do the work.  In this form you will be stating what it is you want in a partner and relationship.  Your session may not occur for a few days, but you will start to see a shift as soon as you submit the form.  See Manu’s video testimonial for his account of how this happened for him.

After I receive this information, I will schedule your session, do the work off-line, at a distance and then email you the reading along with my treatment notes.

And from now until Valentine's Day 2015, you can receive healing that transforms your relationships and/or what you're attracting for $40 off the regular price of a session. That is $85 to change your love vibration for good!

It can be fun and enlightening to discover and shift the patterns that keep you away from who you really are. This type of healing will create positive shifts in many areas of your life and the possibilities for your evolution, expansion and spiritual awareness are unlimited and I hope to have the opportunity to assist you on your journey.

In loving light,

create love Sundi Bright
Clairvoyant Creator