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Ashlee & Rick's Relationship Transformation

Are you experiencing disconnect in a current relationship? Would you like to experience the connectedness that you felt in the beginning?

Here is a testimonial from a client who achieved just that.

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What was the problem/concern you contacted Sundi for help with?:
My relationship with Rick & a sudden & unexpected change in our relationship. For more than a month Rick & I had not spoken. There had been no fight over anything in particular. It was simply like a switch had been flipped & suddenly it was over & he was gone. There had been a great deal of strain on both of us individually that probably lead to our separation & I did feel like my vibration had changed dramatically. That is when I began seeking help & found Sundi's app & the services she offered. I was skeptical & doubting but desperation convinced me I had nothing to lose.

What shift(s) did you notice after you submitted the questionnaire after you purchased your session?:
I submitted my questionnaire very late sat night & went to sleep. When I woke up at 730 am I had a text message from Rick. That was before I had even received confirmation that sundi had received my request. (*)

Please explain how you resonated with the reading and if you found it helpful and/or accurate.:
My reading was scheduled for November 2 & I experienced many shifts in my vibration & began to feel like I was walking with a spring in my step. Each moment I was feeling more & more like my old self.

What benefits did you notice immediately after your session?:
Today is Nov 6...4 days after my reading Rick & I have spent the whole day together. Its been perfect.

What was the single biggest result or benefit you've noticed since your session?:
I am feeling in sync again. Its like my request had been understood & everything id asked for was brought to me like I'd simply ordered from a menu.

Can you describe how your perspective on your problem/concern changed as a result of the reading/healing?:
I believe now that even problems that seem so gigantic & out of our control can be shifted in to becoming exactly what we really desire.

May I use your testimonial on my website or other advertisements?: Yes

May I use you as a reference and give your contact information to potential clients or employers?: Yes

Other comments:
Thank you so much for your help!
I am so grateful I found you...

-Ashlee, N Myrtle Beach, SC USA

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Generally, I recommend a session for each party and also for the relationship itself, however, in most cases, relationships have been transformed when the party requesting the healing has the session targeted at her/himself.

*When a client purchases a session, they are directed to a form that is "The Secret Formula". This form provides me the information I need to connect to the energy field of my client but also provides the steps that gain insights that create an immediate shift. What I do in the session is go even deeper to find and release the energy of incidents that have been stored and are triggering the ego to protect itself in ways that create problems and negative emotions. When this energy is released, YOUR energy will be different and you will have a different life experience. As one client puts it "I am watching different reality unfold as if i am watching a different movie."

I'd love to assist you with your relationship issues as well!

In loving light,

Sundi Bright





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