Testimonials from Sundi Bright's products and services


I am grateful to my clients that have supplied a testimonial. Healing sessions can be very personal so when a client offers a testimonial, it is very much appreciated. In some cases, the following clients have offered to be references so if you would like to contact them regarding their experience, please let me know. If they have made this offer, I will forward you their contact information.


"Once again Sundi, and her special talent and gifts, have helped to alleviate physical pain that has been with me for some time. Pain that I had tried to get rid of through many chiropractor appointments, but with no success! I was really starting to believe that I would never get better, but after a session with Sundi, she was able to get to the root cause and all of the pain has just fallen away. Sundi is so professional, kind and understanding and has been a God Send to myself and my family - thank you Sundi xxxxx"

—Sarah Smith, Bromley, England


Unhealthy Relationship

"The problem I wanted Sundi to help me with was a desire to  transform my current unhappy, unfulfilled relationship with a married man into My desired outcome to claim my power back and live in my truth.

Once I completed the detailed, thought provoking questionnaire, I felt lighter. It felt like, because I was describing what I didn't want in detail and then describing what my desire was, I was creating an alternative environment for my mind to shift into and the energy around the problem began to transform.

My reading was exquisitely detailed and packed with truth that has provided an open doorway for me to walk through. When reading it I only felt true love power and light to the highest degree. I liked how Sundi suggested the ho'oponopono as that is one of my favorite tools in my tool box and I had been using it a lot in the past week". I completely resonated with the reading.

I immediately noticed that I felt empowered. I felt empowered to make the changes that I had longed to make and yet felt stuck and unable to make. I felt like, honestly, it is all old news, a matter that is now in my past and forever gone. Today, a few days later, it feels like a movie that I had once watched long ago that I am very unattached to. I can look at it and not have emotion tied to it. Its not me, is how I feel.

I moved on. AND, I moved on with total ease. No more angst, just matter of fact, like its a no-brainer, like, I no longer wish to go to the restaurant anymore because I no longer like the food it serves. Like that!
Secondary benefits have been a feeling of peace and relaxation within my body. Lightness, Laughter, Love and Joy!
As a result of the reading/healing, the sadness perspective I had over my situation changed. I no longer perceive my world as being sad, unfilled, unhealthy, and the guilt of claiming my power back is all gone. I used to feel really guilty when I would want my power back and I would feel his sadness in that I was taking away from him and so I felt I could be stronger without it so I wouldn't take it back and I would leave it to help him be strong, and yet, that always made me sad; obviously. and now, Sundi, cleared all that up and out of my energy and she replaced it with what feels like an even greater power. Pure and light and total love. I no longer carry the resentment of my choosing or the guilt of choosing differently.  Its loving and peaceful and right. 

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, Sundi!"

—Joy R./Vancouver/WA/United States




mermaid heals eczemaI want to preface this testimonial by saying that I might not have believed what I was seeing had I not taken Doreen Virtue's Realm Reader course. Although I don't necessarily do a realm reading the way she has taught it (because my client's are all over the world and I don't see them in person), it did open my eyes to the different realms that people may originate from. Even then, I should my head and rubbed my eyes and looked again! And saw the same thing!


"I contacted Sundi for eczema. I felt a lot of desperation and sadness when I was searching online for help, but I was very drawn to Sundi's site! And for good reason!

After I submitted the questionnaire I noticed I felt more at peace like everything was unfolding the way it was supposed to.

The reading was so much more than I could have expected! Sundi is very guided and she trusts her guidance and that trust eased a wonderful reading. She had profound insights into the reason my skin manifests the way it does. She even found that I was an incarnated mermaid, believe it or not! I was a little skeptical at first, but then I had too many signs of validation to ignore it. The most recent (of many validations) was I went to the beach as Sundi suggested I do to enable that part of myself to flourish, and we took an umbrella down to the beach we had lying around in the car. The umbrella's design was all mermaids!

My skin has been continuing to improve. I felt a huge relief and a peace that it will keep healing too. I am so thankful for Sundi's work. The improvement in my skin has been very drastic. The turnaround has been incredible. My skin went from weeping and rough to smooth. I feel myself radiating health from the inside out now more than ever. And I am confident it will keep going in this direction.

Secondary benefits are that I am more patient with myself and likely to look at things from multiple perspectives, instead of just feeling limited by my own. This is a sense of generosity and expansiveness that I am growing into every day (another insight helped along by what Sundi saw and articulated to me).

My perspective is much different now. It is a shift from seeing something as "wrong" with me and a shift into loving life for what it is teaching me as one continual lesson of love.

—Mie, Honolulu




"Having found Sundi on-line, I was instantly drawn to her and found her website and words comforting. My daughter had been suffering from a very dry and scaly scalp, which was causing her a lot of distress. Sundi responded to me quickly and efficiently. She was kind and very understanding and was able to accommodate our healing session quickly. Immediately after the session, as promised, a very detailed report was received from Sundi. This was so informative and really helped us understand and see things from a different angle. Being located in the UK our session was done remotely, but immediately we felt the change and shift in the energy around us. We have had a follow-up session and since then my daughter's scalp has improved so much, and this is really the first time that it has been clear for a very long time. Thank you Sundi - you have an amazing gift and we are so pleased we found you......"

—Sarah, Bromley, England




This testimonial is an email I received after an offline, short session I did for a client who's "problem" was being financially behind. It's a good example of how if you look at the problem in a certain way, you will definitely experience it that way.


"Hi Sundi, Oh my gosh - this was AMAZING!!! I can't believe you picked up on all of that... my "debt" is 98% my student loan (which I used to fund my B.Sc and PhD)...so when you mentioned "bringing it forward", and that the debt is actually a benefit, you are SO right!!! I never looked at it that way, and yes, we did a move last year that was quick and did uproot us, but we are definitely in a place now more suited for our growth. Again, I can't believe you picked up on the move as well, I am completely not only impressed, but blown away by your accuracy.

I have to confess I did a short session because I've had other "readings" where they are nothing like yours and I felt like with those ones, they really weren't as skilled, so I was a little skeptical and thought a short session would be a good compromise. Well, thank you for completely proving me wrong!! I'm definitely going to get in touch with my babysitter and schedule another session with you, I completely understand the time frame was more limited here and there's only so much that can be said in such a short time. Really, really, REALLY looking forward to connecting with you again and thank you so much for your amazing work!!! "




"I contacted Sundi in regards to the food and seasonal allergies I had been experiencing. Immediately after my session, I felt lighter, and my breathing was easier. I truly believe I no longer have any food allergies. I also feel like my seasonal allergies are less severe and will in fact disappear altogether. In addition, I have been repeating an affirmation that developed out of my session and I am noticing that my communication is easier, clearer and better received. My relationship with my spouse is improved, also because I have been performing the HAMR technique which I learned about in Consciousness 101."

—Julie, Virginia, U.S.



"I contacted Sundi for a cellulite problem that had been increasing over the last couple of months.
After the second session with her, during which we went deeper into the points she discussed in her first reading, I felt a lot of relief. I came to many realizations and it felt as if things were finally making sense.

Sundi was able to describe in detail several events that happened in my life that I had not been able to recall due to their strong emotional impact. The details were accurate and she was able to clearly point out how those events had been having an impact on my self-esteem, my relationships and were causing several physical issues.

Around two days after our session, the cellulite started to disappear. Now, two weeks after our session, the cellulite is almost completely gone and I am convinced that I will soon have the smooth legs I desire. In addition, I am feeling calmer and more confident. I have been able to let go of many negative beliefs I had been holding for years. The relationship with my father has also improved, I feel like things have finally fallen into place and I am finally understanding the root of many insecurities and fears I had been having for many years and I have now been able to let go of them.

More than ever, I now realize how our conscious and subconscious beliefs and thoughts are affecting our physical health. Before the sessions with Sundi, I thought I had let go of most of the things from my past, and I felt good, I was happy. But I would just have to look at my body and realize that there were deeper issue that were still causing some imbalances in my body. Sundi was able to uncover those unsolved issues from my childhood which I am very grateful for as I have now finally been able to let go of the past and get rid of many negative beliefs I had been holding for a long time."

—Manon, Netherlands



"I contacted Sundi because I was experiencing excess weight on my thighs. After I submitted the form I noticed a lot of anxious energy started to shift.

So many of the symbols that Sundi saw resonated with me and immediately made sense, even though I'm sure for Sundi they were very off of the wall! The symbolism described what has been on my mind right now, and well as the problem I was facing, along with symbolism of my past events which had led to the problem. She cleared and healed out all of that energy.

Later in the evening after my healing session, I was just sobbing so so much and felt this release afterwards like I was at peace in that moment, so I remembered Sundi's email where she said for the next few days I may experience release that is uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable but I let myself feel it and while I was feeling it, I told myself that I acknowledge that part of me who feels that way and I love that part of me, and that it's okay. Then the morning after, I noticed my pants are MUCH looser in my thighs (my original issue being excess weight in my thighs)! I mean wow!! As for the emotional reason for my physical problem (which was people pleasing behavior and changing myself to fit others), I became different at work. I was speaking my mind in ways I don't normally do. I was saying what I knew was morally the right thing for the team to do, regardless of whether I thought I would receive backlash. It just didn't matter to me anymore. I felt like I was allowed to have my voice heard and not care what others thought about it, which is usually difficult for me. And when I went about taking a stance for how I feel, I actually did not receive backlash at all, like I am usually so afraid of. My management thanked me in fact for speaking up and are now taking actions to correct what I have observed.

So overall I'm feeling much more empowered so far!

Although I am noticing my physical problem seems to be clearing up, I am more-so seeing the benefits of the emotional reason behind my physical problem being healed. I am very confident in what I want and not bending over backwards to people please. I am saying how I feel and speaking my truth, which is what Sundi said I am here to learn in this lifetime - to love myself first.

I knew deep-down I was a people pleaser, but I definitely didn't realize the extent to which it was affecting all areas of my life, and just how deeply that effect was."

—Lauren, Pittsburgh, PA, USA



"I have contacted Sundi for a few different issues. Feeling stuck with extra weight, with a specific concern about extra weight in my chest. Many women go through these feelings. After getting healing done, Sundi really helped changed my outlook towards the positive regarding my body. I am still working through concerns in my chest area, but my extra weight has fallen off, it is now stable and I am overall happy and do not look at food with helplessness anymore.

Doing these sessions while being a breastfeeding mother, one of the most positive benefits I have seen about energy healing in my chest has been a noticeable increase in the milk needed for my child. I know many women struggle with feeding their child. Either the breastfeeding relationship or needing enough milk to continue feeding the baby. This was not a request of any of my sessions with Sundi but it was a super exciting outcome! I noticed it after EACH time I talked with her.

Overall, I would say to try a session with her. There is noticeable change. To me, you can either pay a lot for multiple sessions with a therapist, or a session with Sundi. Sundi is the next best thing to a therapist/great listener/asking the right questions, with an additional benefit of energy healing. To me, this can't be beat and I recommend it to the very close people in my life!"

—R.K., Washington D.C. Area



"The physical problem that I contacted Sundi about is cellulite on my thighs. Beyond that is my having so many work responsibilities that I feel frantic and torn between what I want to be doing and what I am doing... my bumpy path showing up in my bumpy thighs [Annie’s thoughts although not was I saw as being a more prominent contributor to the problem].

After I submitted the questionnaire, I had this feeling of relief and a feeling that I was being cared for and protected. I felt more relaxed and contented. Sundi did my session off line as I was at work. In the morning I awoke and when I got up I stretched, reaching high up and standing on tip toe. I never do this, but I did and as I did, I felt like a huge breath was coming into me. I felt calm, relaxed, right with the world. I paid more attention to the work I was doing in the moment. Usually I am pulled so many ways I am not present with where I am. Then I received and read Sundi's notes on the session she had done on my behalf. I think that giant breath I took was incredible - having that much air in me felt foreign and shocking. and I'm sure it happened while Sundi was doing my session for me.

I also resonated very much with the reading! Sundi brought up things that I had not revealed in my questionnaire but that were astonishingly accurate. I was shocked and awed by her insights into what I had left unsaid. She gave me an affirmation that resonates amazingly. The affirmation she gave me - "I AM in control of who does what, if anything to me and I CHOOSE to only be nurtured” resonates so strongly. Also, she said that focusing on the “problem” is an obvious way to create more of it - that was an eye opener! When Sundi searched for the inciting incident, the images she received were surprising to me... they were accurate to my history but I had no thought that they were connected to the problem so this was revealing. As a result, I feel revealed in a way after the session - in a safe way, like comfort. I feel relief and awareness... more awake." 

—Annie, Santa Fe, NM



"Before my session with Sundi my skin was red and pink and looked like burns. Sundi helped clear stuck energy and sent healing energy to me which cleared it. I felt Sundi's reading was very accurate and opened my eyes to eyes to things I hid from myself. Sundi’s reading brought me clarity in my problem and a feeling of ease. I have also noticed that my relationship with my family is stronger than it’s ever been, but the biggest result I noticed after my session with Sundi was my skin got much better. In addition I have a deeper understanding of mind body connection and how manifestations both good and bad can happen." - Peter, Safford, AZ, USA


Life Path

"I contacted Sundi wanting to get confirmation that I'm on the right path. After I submitted the questionnaire I started to receive confirmation that I'm doing the right things at the right times and right places in my life! I found Sundi’s reading to be extremely helpful. Her intuition and suggestions were spot on! This gave me reassurance that the path I'm on is exactly where I need to be. Releasing the things that were blocking me have been so helpful to get a clear snap shot of what to do next. This has helped me learn to trust my gut and never wavier from my truth. I'm also less critical of myself and seem to get my answers much clearer than before, allowing me to make choices from my higher self in ways that I used to question and procrastinate. Choices and decisions, are coming to me with ease and a sense of knowing from deep within my soul." Kiki Gregoriante, Northern California


This is similar to how I saw the physical aspect of a recent client's emotional cause of constipationconstipation problem... only honestly, it was worse. Worry was the main "problem behind the problem", although when I looked to see how it manifested in this way, I saw anger shown to me as her kicking at something, feeling like she was trying to kick her way out. And so the protruding intestinal walls represented what she had actually kicked out. Here is that clients feedback after her session:


Thank you so much for your powerful healing last week. I don't have the words for the difference it has made for me - the emotional shift I felt almost instantly and the sense of endless despair which was really overpowering has certainly lifted. Your empathy and seeing of the struggle I've had also was very beautiful and healing in itself. I have felt physical shifts too. I felt the physical dissolving you spoke of a couple of days later (Thurs/Friday) and now there is certainly flow even if it doesn't feel super easy or natural just yet - it is there. It feels what I can only describe as bruised in my lower intestines And I imagine it may take a while to settle to feel the sense of ease given it was held for so long? [This, I would want to do additional healing on]

Whenever I feel any self doubt I use the victorious affirmation and it helps enormously to be able to begin trusting. I also began to notice I felt angry when I sense being judged as a lesser human being (this has been something I've struggled with for a long time and didn't know how to shift) and when I held it with the understand of the cinderella past life experience [I saw this as her scrubbing floors and having a forceful energy standing over her] it allowed it space to just be what it is without me hooking into it so much.

Huge huge appreciation to you and blessings,

Love and thank yous,"

Jo, -Totnes, UK



"I contacted Sundi regarding healing my allergies, which were out of control. After I submitted the in-take form, I felt hopeful for the first time. I found the reading to be very accurate. Although I still don’t completely understand all of it, the parts that were clear were very revealing. A trusted person in my life had impure motives and my body had been trying to communicate this through my allergies. After the session, I immediately noticed my constant sneezing stopped, my nose stopped running and my eyes stopped itching. The single biggest benefit that I’ve noticed since my session is that my allergies are gone. When I start to feel stuffy, I know that is a signal to follow my heart and not let others manipulate me for their benefit. Sundi also recommended some reading material that has been life-changing. It has affected my approach to life in a very positive manner." Scotti, Billings, MT


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everything you described was dead on. Specifically, the ages of 10 and 20, the man at the desk, the turning around man, the holding on to the point of slipping, me on a beach like a carefree hippie. All of this makes flawless sense and holds so much meaning for me. I so greatly appreciate you for your ability to see the blocks, and for your generosity in clearing them for me. I can already feel such a strong shift. Thank you, thank you!!" Christine, NY




A house clearing testimonial from a client that had been having a hard time selling an investment property:

House Clearing

"You are amazing! Your house clearing worked! Okay, based on what you saw, I took action. Then Saturday there were 3 showings and I already have an offer and maybe a 2nd one later today! Puff, at last this house will be sold! Thanks!"Iris, Atlanta, GA



"My relationship with Rick [had experienced] a sudden & unexpected change in our relationship. For more than a month Rick & I had not spoken.

I submitted my questionnaire very late sat night & went to sleep. When I woke up at 7:30 am I had a text message from Rick"... (see full testimonial) Ashlee, N Myrtle Beach, SC USA



"My reading was so helpful for helping to create more of a connection and better feeling with my husband. I noticed a difference the first day and has continued. I noticed my husband was more drawn to me, more responsive, connected and interested. Which brought out a different response in me toward him. The biggest result is I am liking being around him again. It feels like we are both interested and connected to each other with more peace and calmness. He has verbally told me he has been feeling so supported by me lately. I don't remember either of us using that word to describe the other! I have a different perspective on my marriage after this healing took place. Before I couldn't stop wondering how we were going to stay together. I am watching different reality unfold as if i am watching a different movie." L. Johnson, Texas


"My reading explained some patterns to me that I would not have associated with the problems I have been having so it made me realise how I can change to benefit myself in ways that go beyond my initial complaint. I felt more accepting of myself and more positive about my future as a result of the reading/healing. I am taking better care of myself and my needs. I feel happier also. I have also noticed that I am making better connections with people in general. This has made a difference in that I realise that what I want is not out of reach anymore and I can create the life I want by making a few small changes." Emma, United Kingdom


Rosa's session was for the purposes of improving her relationship with her husband. Generally I recommend a session for each party and one for the relationship itself, but in this case, the session for Rosa transformed the entire relationship...
"I felt an amazing shift from my reading and feel like this was the best thing I could ever had done for my family. Immediately after the session, I noticed feeling closer with my husband and communication got so much better. The session was very uplifting to our relationship. I highly recommend Sundi as a healer and reader. You will notice a shift almost immediately." Rosa


"The reading with Sundi resonated with me right away. I noticed my energy shift even before the reading. I read over her report several times & and more & more is revealed to me as time goes on. Immediately after the session, I felt lighter and peaceful as I was open to the healing. In addition, two new exciting opportunities came up for me within a day and I found myself more confident.
The single biggeset benefit I noticed was Relief! and more patience with myself and others. I have a better understanding of this lesson and continue to move forward with my life feeling happier and focused. In addition, I sleep better, and am no longer anxious. I feel as though a huge & painful bump in the road of life is survivable and the experience was a powerful lesson. Support from a compassionate and beautifully gifted healer like Sundi is a blessing." Margaret


Allergy / Sinus

"My issue was 3 weeks of coughing and sinus issues. On the day of my session, I woke up from a nap, breathing clearly with no cough. I checked my email and found that Sundi had done my session while I was sleeping.
I found the reading very helpful and it was right on. Such great insight to bring awareness to some things I wanted to ignore. My 3 week cough was nearly completely gone within 24 hours and my energy and health felt the best it has felt in a month. It also felt like a huge layer was peeled off and the next layer is ready to address and handle." Lindy



"My 16-month-old son had been constipated for months, was clingy and under significantly visible distress because of it. I consulted our chiropractor, naturopath, pediatrician, and acupuncturist for help with constipation. I did not think they were taking the situation seriously enough. My perspective changed because I learned that there was a dark, negative energy surrounding my son. No amount of dietary changes or chiropractic adjustments would have addressed that!He had a significant bowel movement the evening of his reading. In addition, he is happy, silly, and adventurous.

For myself, I had been experiencing an overall funk for quite some time and despite all efforts to address anxiety, depression, and stress, I was just not enjoying my life. Something needed to change. I came across Sundi's website while looking for EFT statements and it just spoke to me. I requested a reading and felt a difference in my mood and energy the very next day! "Melissa, WA


"Sundi has illuminated many important key pieces of information that have unlocked the doors to a greater perspective and understanding in my path and spiritual progress. The readings got at some very strong images that resonated sometimes to tears.
Immediately after the session, I felt something had been worked through, I felt transformed. I also noticed a stronger belief in truth within along with a feeling of being clearer, lighter and freer. As a result of Sundi’s work, my perspective shifted towards bracing my inner instinct and intuition. Sundi made it possible to notice the truth within." —Elysya


"My concern was the cellulite I have adopted over the years, "out of nowhere." I was told my reading would be done on a Tuesday. Monday morning I awoke refreshed & off to the beach I went. "Hmmmmm" I wondered, "my cellulite is disappearing & I see definition in my legs I have not seen in years, hmmmmm." I returned home to an email from Sundi, she did the healing Monday! I was amazed!!!
Sundi was able to accurately pinpoint ages and specific events in my life where I had "stuck" energy. With the information, along with the energy release, I have experienced self-forgiveness and gratitude. And Lovingly letting it go. As a secondary benefit, I have noticed that I am genuinely softer toward myself. This has created a knowing that me as spirit and the little magic I share here & there is much more important than my dislike of the cellulite. :)" Liz, Hawaii


"Sundi has an amazing gift. With this reading she picked up on issues from years back that I had forgotten about. She got ages and issues 100% correct. She even pinpointed areas on my body that I hadn't specifically mentioned that I had longstanding concerns with. Overall I am so pleased and she brought me a wonderful sense of relief that I truly can and will get better.

Immediately even after our intro session, I had feelings of happiness and relief that I have not experienced before. I also had feelings of strong 'shooting' chills throughout my body, something I have never felt before - so I knew without a doubt that something substantial was happening.
I feel such a sense of peace and relief! Sundi worked with my energy in a way that I don't even feel such a strong attachment to the final outcomes I was hoping for - somehow I just feel they really are going to happen. That is such an enormous relief! There is no question I don't feel as uptight or impatient as I did. While I do want the changes to happen, I have a feeling that they WILL now, instead of me just constantly 'hoping'." Sonja


"My name is Manu and I want to say that I was blown away by the speed, effectiveness and depth of the experience with Sundi’s session. The first effects were INSTANT, right after filling in the form and the greatest result I got on the FOURTH DAY! Today is the 16th day since I applied for the session and things are getting better over time." [Manu's story of fun and romance] "


"The healing for me started as soon as I read the feedback report, I was blown away at the accuracy of the information that was given to me. I had been battling with my health for over two years and there is nothing more frustrating than treating the physical symptoms but not knowing the underlying causes, just getting that clarity was healing all on its own! Wow! I was really struggling with severe fatigue , every day after my session I have seen a noticeable difference in my energy levels, after two weeks I started exercising again ,something I have not done in a very long time! This new found vitality is just amazing!  In addition, Sundi told me the acne on my arm was caused by something I was squishing in my hand.  At first I didn’t know what she was talking about and then I realized that I have been putting a squishy hot/cold pack on an achy neck many times a day.  I looked closer at the pack and found that it is filled with wheat, which I am allergic to!  I am excited that this knowledge alone will clear up many of my health issues!" Leigh, South Africa


Here's a testimonial from one client in Michigan with a serious constipation issue in her 6 year old daughter. She writes:
"The night you worked with Christy's energy patterns, she woke herself up and went to the bathroom. ...(more detail)... I also notice that it was as if a layer of fear had lifted and she was much more comfortable with her physical presence. I also sense a bit more confidence about her."


"I purchased an introductory session and I asked for healing in the area of Finances/Income. Sundi perfectly identified patterns of energy that contribute to my situation and then sent healing to those areas. Change resulting from my session with her occurred within 24 hours! I have been working as a secretary for 20 months, after I was downsized from a professional position. During this time, I've had no health benefits or pay increase. After Sundi's healing, my boss offered to sign me up on the company's IRA plan with a 3% match and to assist with paying health insurance! To me, this was overwhelming evidence in the power of this type of work!" Laura, Cincinnati, OH

"Sundi, I want you to know that the Bright Future Workbook is having a profound effect on my life. Besides benefiting from the exercises, it seems that reading your material has helped me open up to the Universe as I never imagined I could possibly do again. AND although I've worked with EFT for several years, it's working for me like never before. Your material is beyond fantastic! :o)" Sue W


"I started using the Bright Future Workbook about 6 weeks and have seen big transformations in my life..." Cliff, Orange County, CA


"I am a trained doctoral level therapist who has used cognitive behavioral therapy for years with patients, and for the most part found it very helpful, however, your system seems to be the easiest, most sane, logical and least trendy or gimicky system I have found and am so excited what it might I can do for my patients but most of all (selfishly) for myslef I am forever grateful."Lynne, New York


Lorraine called after freezing up for the 2nd day of a 3 day training, doing work required in a training she had traveled to attend. She said she never followed through on anything she did and had wasted a lot of money. We only worked for about 15 minutes on the phone. Here is what she said the following day about her results:
"Thank you so very much for helping me yesterday.  Today was excellent!  I even talked to my mom after class today and told her why I was in sacramento and she totally supported me [when she never had in the past].  We had a great conversation!  
I made my calls with ease today and I generally felt light all day. I felt adequate and capable in all ways throughout the day." Lorraine, Detroit, MI