The Magic Code of Manifestation

The Magic Code of Manifestation

A simple truth that has the side effect of developing your psychic abilities

The Magic Code of Manifestation

The manifestation process works by sending a thought out into the magic code of manifestationuniverse.  The clearer you can make that thought, the better chance you have of manifesting exactly what you want.

Including an image and a feeling of what you desire will give the universe the foundation it needs to start the creation process.  The universe recognizes these aspects of your thought over any other.  This is the protocol the universe uses to create a physical version of what you have requested.  It is important to be careful about what you add to this request before a 3D version has been built.  To create your desire, it has to go out and assemble situations and opportunities in a way that form your desire into a 3D version of what you want.  It’s kind of like putting together a puzzle.  The clearer your image is, the easier it will be to complete the puzzle.  If you add confusing energies such as limiting beliefs, doubts and low vibrations to the mix, it is harder to complete the puzzle, takes longer and ends up being much different than your original request.

This article reveals a code that is not only the key to manifesting your desires, it also helps you develop your psychic abilities.

It starts as a thought

As mentioned above, manifesting what you want starts with a thought.  Therefore, being conscious and in control of your thoughts is very important.

We have hundreds of thousands of thoughts that have no power to create anything.  That is because they may be so random, unspecific and having virtually no “charge”, that they float off to nowhere.

So, it is equally important to charge the thoughts that are meant to be manifestations with your emotions when you make the request, while having no charge on thoughts that come up that may be more aligned with what you don’t want.

When there is something you desire and you recognize it as a desire, 3d puzzleget a clear image and feeling around that desire and send it off to the universe.  I like to imagine what I want as a vision in a bubble.  As it is floating up, up and away, I am feeling what it would feel like to have this desire.  Just as I am feeling complete, as if I have what I want, I ask a question that will prompt the universe to create my desire (“If I were to experience [state your desire] in my life, how would that happen?”) and I watch the bubble burst.  I ponder on the idea that the scattered bubble of my creation is going out to gather the pieces of the puzzle that will create a three dimensional version of my masterpiece and I thank the universe for this creation.

At this point, you are to “let go” and allow the pieces of the bubble that formed the idea of your creation to go out and gather the building blocks to create it.

Modifying your creation unconsciously

Now, if you sent out a request that you want a romantic partner and sent a picture and a feeling of what that looks and feels like, the pieces of a 3 dimensional puzzle are gathered up and start to form to a point where they have the potential to manifest in the physical.

But if, in about a week, you are impatient and feeling sorry for yourself and wondering why you don’t have someone in your life and thinking about how the last guy did you wrong, you just sent a modification of your request out to the universe.  This particular request really complicates the puzzle as “doing you wrong” doesn’t fit well with the specific request for someone that is “loyal and loving”, etc. that you originally asked for.

The universe receives this new thought that has come along to be part of this puzzle although it’s not a super clear packet of information.  It is about guys being jerks, and something about not wanting a cheater (whatever "not" means ???), and possibly some kind of fear about being with an alcoholic.  Not a good feeling in this one, but the sender has been sending it out a lot and it feels quite strong, so the universe applies this to the mix, delaying the manifestation.

Let go and just do what you always do

If you’ve started getting impatient, thinking the law-of-attraction doesn’t work, falling back into self-doubt and fear, you have created enough of a “charge” to add to your manifestation and delay its creation.

Ideally, after you’ve made your request, you would simply go about doing your thing… whatever you’re guided to do.  In other words, your regular routine along with whatever you want to do and if you don’t feel guided to do anything related to your desire, then don’t.  And don’t think about your desire at all!

Stay in non-thought as much as possible.  Having a lot of non-thought allows your guidance to come through more clearly… Actually, each moment of non-thought is a moment when your guides are coming through most clearly.

Thoughts from your higher self.  From that place of having a higher perspective.

This IS the Magic Manifestation Code!

That is, being in a neutral state of noticing.

You develop psychic abilities when you use the magic manifestation “code”

So the channel from your higher self is more clear when you turn off the part “down here”… the brain.
And open up to the part “up there”.

It’s similar to thinking but in a different kind of way… it is opening up your channel to allow information to come in and that is as simple (although not easy) as getting your own thoughts out of the way.

It is kind of like listening. More like listening than actually thinking.  More specifically, it's noticing.  Ah yes, what I’ve been trying to teach you in this course.  However, you may “notice” using any one or more of your senses.

I do admit… it is hard to do! That's why it’s good to make meditating and using The Secret Formula a regular practice. It teaches you to get clear on what you want and then practice that non-thought. To make non-thought a habit. That's a big key. So when you don't need to think, you don't think!

Instead of thinking, “notice” in whatever way feels best to you.

I look and I listen on purpose, but I “feel” naturally.  In fact, I feel so naturally, that I get quite uncomfortable with some of the things I feel around me, so I try to shut off the feeling and notice in a way that is more comfortable and yet stretches my abilities so that those psychic abilities become even more developed.

To get in the habit of consciously noticing, I look around a lot.  I look more than I listen so that's why clairvoyance is my strongest psychic ability.  If I wanted to develop my clairaudience, I would try to be in the practice of noticing what I hear.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking, stop and “notice” instead.

My point is, not only will you learn to manifest intentionally, you will develop your psychic abilities as well.  And we all have them!  It is simply a matter of getting out of your own head and allowing information from a higher source come through.

Evidence of your coming manifestation

What you will “notice” when you start doing this are synchronicities, messages and ideas.

You may see the same numbers over and over again, possibly 11:11 or 444.  This is an indication that there are angels around you helping you with your manifestation so watch your thoughts!

You may be prompted to go to a certain place or start a new hobby, or similar.

You may hear a song that makes you feel good and reminds you of a time when you were experiencing the same vibration.

You will know when you see, hear or feel something that is familiar or different.  Something that you "notice".  If you really stay clear, you may receive even receive a "download"... something you may have heard metaphysical people talking about but have never actually experienced.

Receiving your creation

Now, the universe has finished putting the puzzle together and is ready to present your creation to you.

The universe: Here we have her perfect man.  He's good looking, he makes a lot of money, he loves to drink, and he's married!  Let's send him down and present him just the way she asked us to… With that special sign! That other thing she thinks of all the time that represents the perfect man!

Wait, what?  Loves to drink and he’s married?  How is that the perfect man?

The point in these last few paragraphs was to help you see how what you think about is manifested and why you have to be careful about your thoughts.  Whenever you start "thinking" from "down here", stop and complete the manifestation form in The Secret Formula App.  It's great for journaling and to keep your thoughts organized so that you're not putting out there what you "don't want".   If you have a lot of "don't wants" and other low vibrating thoughts and beliefs in your mind, you might consider a psychic healing session to get to the bottom of all that and heal it so you can be clear to manifest what you want.

So, let’s continue.  You've manifested what you've thought about.

When you have that knowing that this is “the one” because of that sign, you'll know to never let him go!

Ah… Er… NO!

I think people get caught up in that.  I know I have.  We get pretty attached to the miraculous way in which we manifested our desire.

What happens is that no matter what a jerk he is, no matter how much he drinks and stays out all night, etc., we believe in this "answer to our prayers" and that it’s meant to be.  He's what I asked for right and I got my special sign?  We think it’s meant to teach us something.

And it is!  It’s meant to teach you that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs create your outcomes and now you can think and feel something better and manifest something better!

The only thing this should teach you is how good you are at manifesting what you want.

Now ask for something new and better!
(By the way, on many occasions, I’ve seen current partners completely transform when this “code” is put into place).

The experience taught us how to manifest.  But the "order" (ie. the request) got messed up by throwing those "don't wants" in the mix accidentally.

You CAN change your mind!  It’s a woman's prerogative! 
Ok, men's too.

Next time, send up your request clearly, and stay in non-thought so that instead of thinking and sending up mixed signals, you are RECEIVING answers and seeing synchronicities to give me those little signs that your creations are on the way!

Excitement is not the right vibration

Have you ever had the experience that when you were TOO excited about something, things went wrong and you ended up not getting what you were so sure was going to happen?

If you were excited, you were "anticipating". You don't have it when you're anticipating. It’s not the same vibration. The way to be at the same vibration is for it to feel like an everyday thing.  Like you’ve been together for a long time and it’s just comfortable, loving and normal.  Sometimes you're even bored with him, but most likely you're just content.  Sure we might feel excited when we first get something but wouldn't we just look at that thing (or person) with love and admiration on a regular basis once we have it?  We may feel love when we're at work and excitement to go home.  In this case, find something to get excited about to get home to.  If you’re one that wants to be with your partner 24/7 and don't currently have that experience, just feel that love of being with someone.  Love being with the people that are around you.  When you're not with your partner, imagine the times that you are.  You do not want to be sad when you are away from him or her because that is a vibration you’re sending up to the universe that says this is what you want and the situation persists.

Why Being Grateful for What you Have is so Important

The only thing you need to do is truly to act like you already have what you want. Truly. Everybody says that but that is the same vibration. It's really the only thing that's the same vibration.  That means enjoy and be grateful what you currently have!  That is the right vibration!  You really don’t have to think about the thing that you have requested and be grateful for it, except for maybe when you send the request.  You’ve put the request out there, now just be grateful for what YOU’VE ALREADY SO PERFECTLY MANIFESTED even if you don’t like it… you are a master at manifesting and this proves it.

I’ve used the example of manifesting a love partner, but you can use this process for anything you want to manifest.

Use The Secret Formula instead of thinking.  Journal your thoughts, making sure you putting out to the universe what you DO want and then go back to non-thought.

I’m here if you need help healing the thoughts that mess up your manifestations!

Many blessings to you on your journey.



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