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Missing Malaysian Airplane

As a clairvoyant healing practitioner/transformation specialist, I would take a different approach than most to finding the missing malaysian airplane. My specialty is "problems". So even this is an example of something that could benefit from my work. missing malaysian airplane


While some psychics may try to tune in on what exactly happened, my approach is a bit different.

It would be hard for any psychic to determine exactly where the plane is even if they are able to tune in and see it sitting at the bottom of the ocean somewhere.
When I discovered that I had clairvoyant abilities, I was determined to make it a useful skill.  Seeing the wreckage of the missing malaysian airplane at the bottom of the ocean may tell us that it has crashed, but if that information cannot be verified, it is not useful.

My approach is to “heal” or “transform” the problem.
That problem being “missing Boeing 777 airplane from Malaysian flight 370”.

That being said, although “healing” or “transforming” the aspects that have led to the problem would most likely result in it being found, I also like to have a “general”, achievable intention for the work.

Mind you, my definition of “achievable” is probably a lot less limited than most people’s.  However, if the plane has crashed and the passengers have perished, I don’t have a lot of confidence that we can set an intention such as “plane found, everyone safe”.  I think that to set an intention such as “missing malaysian airplane found” gives us more possibilities for success.

Therefore, as with any other “problem”, whether it is physical or otherwise, I would look for the underlying patterns that have created the problem and send healing. As with anything else, this "problem" has been created. It is the patterns that have created the "missing Malaysian airplane" problem that I will look for. By shifting/healing/transforming each of these patterns, it is like unraveling a rolled up ball of yarn to get to the heart of the matter and un-do what has been done.

The underlying “patterns” may show up as information we can use, or it may show up as a symbol of what has happened, or it may show up as colorful patterns that have far too much of a story behind them to be shown in any one image that makes any sense.  And yet, this latter scenario can still be the recipient of healing energy that transforms it. 

I'm sure your problem(s) pales in comparison to something like this, and yet, it is the same process for any problem or undesirable situation you may be experiencing.

I'd love the opportunity to assist you on your journey.

Love & Light,

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Sundi M. Bright

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