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I Need That

"I need that" is a needy phrase that does not vibrate at a high level and does not easily attract the thing you feel you need.  The word itself is ridden with doubt and insecurity.   "I need this",  "I need that", "I need him" or "I need her" may be persistent thoughts or words you express regularly, but if you are saying it, you are not trusting that the universe will provide and are likely to have a hard time getting it.

Whether it be a person or a thing, if you are feeling needy about receiving it, it is best to neutralize the negative emotion of neediness with EFT.  It can be a simple setup phrase such as "Even though I really need that, I deeply and completely accept myself and trust that the universe will provide".  Think about the times you thought of something you needed without the "neediness" behind it.  Didn't you receive it?   For each thing that you "need", simply ask the universe to provide, let it go, and trust that it will come. 

There is a higher power that provides what you ask for.  And it doesn't matter who you believe it is that is providing… God, your Higher Self, the Universe… what you ask for is provided as long as you ask from a position of power.  Not a cocky power, but grateful a power.  A knowing and a confidence.  A feeling of being loved.  If you do not feel loved, that is another thing you could work on with EFT to help you develop the confidence that you will receive what you ask for. 

The Bright Future Workbook is a handy tool to help you stay on track.  It's something you can open up everyday to remind you to be aware of how your thoughts and emotions are directing the outcomes in your life.  It helps to create a habit of conscious awareness and provides a place to journal your thoughts and discoveries as you grow.  Attract the things you need easily by using it daily.

All the best.  


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