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Negative People

I know it can be hard to be positive when you are dealing with negative people, whether it be a spouse, a boss, your friends, or your family. They can make negative comments and/or simply do things that are irritating. If you are irritated, the first thing to do is to use EFT to tap away the irritation.  Sometimes the first thing we think to do is to leave the situation... to get away from negative people. That is certainly one way to eliminate that particular negative in your life, but that could also lead to even more negatives.  Before you can think clearly about what you should do, you need to clear up your own charge about how you perceive yourself as being treated, invalidated, ignored, critiscized, etc.  Try EFT using this statement, "Even though so-and-so has done _____ and it makes me feel like _____, I deeply and completely accept myself."   "Even though I feel _____, I realize that I am okay in spite of _____'s words or actions, and I deeply and completely accept myself"  "Even though I really don't want to let this go because it feels like it's making _____'s behavior okay, when it wasn't, I deeply and completely accept myself, and I am okay with me no matter what ____'s problem is"

After you feel better about the negative people in your life, you might try the following EFT setup: "Even though _____ did ____, I deeply and completely accept myself and forgive _____ for his or her own methods of protection and forgive myself for any contribution I might have made to the situation."  "Even though I really want to punish ______ for what they did, I deeply and completely accept myself and allow myself to forgive."  "Even though it's hard to let go, I forgive myself, I forgive _____ for not knowing how to do things the right way, and deeply and completely love and accept myself." 

Once you feel better about the bad things this negative person said or did, think about the things you admire about this person. Get into a really feel good state and then picture in your mind what you do want from the situation.

Don’t forget that having a loving, healthy relationship is something you need to write down as one of your wants and focus on that every day as well.  Really imagine having it until you really feel like you have it, and you will!  Your mind will create the harmony, once again.  

negative people