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Overcome Fear

I had a thought today about how to overcome fear. A high vibrating overcome fearemotion would cancel out fear, so why not just laugh at it?
Take that fear… hahahahaha!

I’ve been playing with this concept of how to overcome fear and realize it can be difficult and possibly even inappropriate in some situations, but when appropriate, why not try it? 

Sounds silly, I know, but fear is not a useful emotion and will block the good things you wish to manifest. 

When you raise your vibration above the feeling of fear, you either see more clearly that there is nothing to fear, you see from that perspective an answer to the problem, or you simply zap the fear (and the cause of the fear) with your high vibration. 

You might try thinking of the funniest thing that could happen in the situation and just laugh!

Or imagine this thing you fear with a big red clown nose and how ridiculous is looks!
Overcome fear by having fun!

How about devising an EFT statement that makes fun of yourself for being afraid of what you’re afraid of?  Imagining yourself to be the cowardly lion “I’m not afraid of ghosts, I’m not afraid of ghosts…”

Or, imagine you’re past the fearful situation, all is well, and you’re laughing at how fearful you were about the situation when everything turned out to be just wonderful.

Or think of another situation that always makes you laugh, imagine rolling the energy of that laughter into a snowball and with the force of your favorite hall-of-fame baseball pitcher, propelling it at that thing that caused you fear and see it knocked flat on its back!  Then laugh some more!

Here’s a video that always makes me laugh: (guinea pig interview)
Life isn’t so serious… have fun! 

Why not try it on other negative emotions?

In loving light,

Sundi Bright
Life Coach & Alternative Healing Practitioner