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Self Esteem

Enhanced Self Esteem is something you'll find to be a side benefit to using the concepts on this website and in The Bright Future Workbook. That is accomplished in a few ways.

The first way that your self esteem is enhanced is by using EFT on any and all negative emotions, cravings, traumas, limiting beliefs, etc. The general setup statement for EFT goes like this: "Even though I have some issue, I deeply and completely love and accept myself". Most people have a whole bunch of stuff to clear up with EFT. Saying "I deeply and completely love and accept myself" so many times will naturally have you feeling that to be true. It may not feel true when you first start doing it, but as you do it over and over again on anything that comes up, you will end up with a high self esteem as a side benefit!

Another way that you'll end up with a higher self esteem is by honoring yourself each day. On the Daily page, which you'll find in your workbook, step 5 is "Honor Yourself". What does it mean to honor yourself? It means taking the time each day to recognize what you did and who you are. Often times we beat ourselves up because we didn't do this or we didn't do that. This is not a high vibrating emotional state. Take the time to note the things that went well today. Take time to consciously elevate your self esteem. For example: any task you completed that put you closer to your goals, a contact you made, a sale that came through in your business, or a smile you put on someone's face!

I believe that recognizing yourself for even the little things you do and expressing gratitude are an important way to end your day. Take a few minutes each evening to think of at least 5 things that you're either grateful for that happened today or appreciate yourself for anything that you did or who you are. You are likely to get recognized by others when you show respect and admiration for yourself.

If you are using The Bright Future Workbook, you can record this in your workbook or you can keep a separate notebook next to your bed. Which ever way you do it, go to sleep feeling the gratitude and honor you have for yourself! Expect to sleep better and wake up more refreshed and ready to take on the day when you do so.

If you know anyone who has not been honoring themselves, do them a favor and send them a link to this page. And then honor yourself for doing so!

Have a wonderful day.

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