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Self Healing

Self Healing can be obtained using the methods outlined on this website in the same way that any material goal can be obtained. This guide takes the concepts behind the Bright Future Workbook and specifically targets them toward self healing. Whether physical, mental or emotional, this guide can help you achieve state of health you desire. Based on The Bright Future Workbook, it has been developed by taking the most significant discoveries in the area of personal development and putting them in a format that can be implemented everyday. Like using the Bright Future Workbook to attract the “things” you want to you, putting these exercises to work everyday will draw healing and growth into your being.

Physical illness, disease, and pain can most often be attributed to negative emotions stuck somewhere in our meridian system. Even if you’ve had an accident that caused your affliction, that accident is likely to be the result of a low-vibrating state of being. Furthermore, the speed in which your self healing occurs can be directly attributed to the energy frequency at which your mind and body are vibrating at. Raise your energy vibration by improving your mood and you will create a frequency that promotes or attracts healing. You may find that the answer to your healing comes from outside sources… possibly a certain diet, device or procedure that is new or unknown. Open your mind and your heart to the answer to your healing. Be patient and love the healing process. Your healing will happen in a time that’s appropriate for you. If you were to clear too much at one time, it would be similar to a massive detoxification and could be very uncomfortable. This process provides an incredible opportunity for you to grow and develop and appreciate your health when you have it.

Sections I & II of the Self Healing guide, which is being offered as a bonus with the Bright Future Workbook, are to be completed at a pace that’s right for you. In these sections, you will be stating the specific health results you desire, determining any negative emotions or limiting beliefs that you’re currently experiencing, and discovering any insights into your illness. After that, you can move onto the daily section where you will learn to make daily progress toward your specific health goals. This section outlines a very powerful way of using EFT for physical issues that you have never seen before. It is highly recommended that you learn the EFT basic procedure and then consult this guide for this unique way of using it. It is key component to healing. You should be able to learn how to use EFT from the information posted on this website or by downloading the free information provided.

Keep in mind that this document and the tools described here are not a replacement for a doctor’s diagnosis and care. I find that these tools work more effectively with a professional diagnosis. EFT can be used for symptom relief, but when you know what is causing those symptoms, it works even better. Although your problem may be physical, the underlying cause of the physical is often emotional. Use EFT on everything, including any physical symptoms as well as any of the emotional issues that come up whether they seem related to your problem or not.

I wish you all of the best in your journey.