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The Energy Remedy Session

Energy Remedy Session 

I’ve said it before… 

Energy is everything. 

When your energy (vibration) is in alignment with who you are 

You have tremendous POWER to manifest what you desire 

When you are who you are, 

You are more likely to be in a neutral, balanced state 

And this is the state that is in alignment with ascension to 5D 

In addition, 

From zero point, you can pivot to whatever experience you desire. 

And yet, the trick is finding that neutral zone 

That may be very hard to do when you have a ‘charge’ still vibrating in your energy field as a result of some past experience 

When that ‘charge’ is present, it creates imbalance 

And that imbalance looks like some ‘problem’ in your life. 

The ‘problem’, then, is your clue. 

I have sent out emails with tools that can help you get to neutral, for example, the resistance log, and the journaling outline

However, sometimes, when you’re caught up in the problem, it’s hard to see what you need to see to get neutral. 

That being: 

1) what the pattern is that is projecting out as your ‘problem’,
2) the incident that holds the ‘charge’ and what that charge looks like
3) who you really are in the situation! 

Being who you are is the key that unlocks the door to all that you desire, and I have just created a session, called the Energy Remedy Session that provides the combination ‘key’ that unlocks the door to what you desire. 

If you are familiar with EFT, the above combination could be used in an EFT statement that goes like this: 

“Even though I’m experiencing this ‘problem’ (1), I deeply and completely love and accept myself for feeling (2) about it, and realize it was meant to teach me to be (3) because it is who I am and I deeply and completely accept who I am.” 

And although the energy remedy itself will help neutralize the charge that holds the ‘problem’ in place, an EFT statement such as this can help you feel like you’re doing what you have to do to move through the blocks to what you desire. 

Here’s an example. Recently I was contacted to help a 12 year old with an eczema issue. It turns out that he is very sensitive to the energy of others and was lashing out in the discomfort in that, after an altercation with a classmate that left him feeling vulnerable. His true self, however, is one that has the power to open and close his space at will. When he has the energy and desires to help others, he opens it, when he doesn’t he keeps it closed. Here’s his mom’s feedback after his session:

"Thank you so much !... my son's eczema is almost completely gone 😳 very very cool to see !! We are working on everything you said ! "


When trauma from the past is neutralized and a connection to your true authentic self is established, THAT is an Energy Remedy.

You will be provided with a quick overview of the imbalanced pattern t  hat is projecting out as 'your problem', where it came from, and what a balanced pattern would look like for you. Remedy is applied when you read the session overview. The information provided can also be plugged into an EFT statement. 

This is an offline session. 

The information will be emailed to you so you can read it, therefore activating the remedy.  



The Energy Remedy Session, $44


I look forward to assisting you on your journey!

In loving light,

Sundi Bright