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Staying On Track

Staying on track is a simple matter of doing the same thing day-in, day-out. Keep yourself moving forward toward healing, happiness and abundance by using your workbook.  Each and everyday, don’t forget to become aware of your negative emotions, neutralize them, raise your vibrations and then imagine/visualize/feel yourself having the things you want or being the person you want to be. 

Staying on track means carrying that feeling with you throughout the day.  Spend 15 minutes or so with your workbook during the week, and then make a conscious decision to carry the feeling of success with you throughout the day.  If you notice yourself digressing, put yourself back into state.  I recommend spending 15 minutes or more in the morning on your own attitude and taking a quick look at the things you want, and then spending a little more time on the weekend taking a look at those things you want, determining if you have any negative emotions surrounding your goals, and checking to see if you have limiting beliefs about getting it. 

Do you need help?  So often staying on track requires an outside perspective to help us see that we have limiting beliefs, determine what they are and help us turn them around.  If you are not using your workbook everyday and staying on-track, you might need a personal trainer for abundance!  Just as we often need a personal trainer to help us get into shape, we also need someone to teach us how to use the tools that will help us build our muscles… in this case, our abundance attracting muscles.  And guess what?  I can help you do that... even over the phone!  So, check out my services.  My own life has made a 180 degree turn-around since using the secret formula and the workbook, and I'd love to see the same happen for you!

Sundi Bright

staying on track