Step 2

Neutralize your negative emotions

Step 2

Neutralize your negative emotions

This is the most important step of the formula. Negative emotions are resistance to "what is" and will block you from your desire or even knowing what you want in any given situation.  Neutralizing negative emotions provides the clarity you'll need to manifest what you truly desire.  

Imagine a river flowing toward your desire. 
Boulders in the middle of the river represent your negative emotions and may redirect you down some stream that goes nowhere.  Clear those negative emotions, keeping your intention set on what you want and the way through any obstacle becomes clear.  In fact, it's very likely that what you learn from overcoming that obstacle accelerates you on your path.   

Use this space to list and neutralize your negative emotions.  How does the situation make you feel?  How does the EGO feel?  Your negative emotions may be hate or anger, but when you ask about the ego, you may get an answer that allows you to neutralize the emotion with EFT.  For example, "ignored".  Being ignored may be causing you to feel hate or anger, but it is the feeling of being ignored that you will be able to neutralize with EFT, therefore neutralizing the anger.  The ego is stubborn.  It wants to hold onto these emotions, as it believes it protects you in some way.  When you recognize that it is the ego creating the negative emotions and NOT you, you really start to get to who YOU are... That is someone who is wonderful, awesome, amazing and has unlimited potential!  

There are a number of ways you can neutralize negative emotions.
Listed below are a few of the ways that I use.  If you have your own methods, by all means, use them.
  • Consider the belief behind your negative emotions and choose a new belief.  You are experiencing negative emotions because there is something you believe to be true that hurts you, but your beliefs are your choice.  You can adopt a belief that empowers you and that is also your choice.  You may be able to simply jot down the current belief in the space provided for negative emotions and then decide on a new belief, but if that doesn't work for you, my page on transforming limiting beliefs will help you look at things in a way that helps provide a shift into a new and more beneficial belief. 
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
    Many of you may be familiar with this effective tool.  The idea is that negative emotions are stuck in your meridians causing a disruption in your energy system and leading to all sorts of problems.  Tapping at the start of the meridians neutralizes the negative emotions.  To learn how to use EFT, download my free eBook.
  • Angels
    Ask the angels to help you neutralize the negative emotions.  There are angels all around you whether you believe it or not and they are willing to help as long as you ask.

    They cannot intervene unless you ask and you are not bothering them or taking them away from more important duties when you talk to them.  They are very loving beings that love you unconditionally and truly desire to help you, so gratefully accept their assistance any time you need help. 
  • Your Higher-Self
    Ask your higher-self to help you make the shift.  One of my favorite ways to connect with this higher perspective is to ask "If I knew everything would be okay, what would that feel like?" or "If I knew this problem were leading me to something much better, what would that feel like?"
    Now just notice how you feel.
Going a bit further to acknowledge the ego and how it is trying to protect you may help as well.  The ego puts up walls that act as defense mechanisms that it believes will protect you.  For example, pride would be a trait of the ego that is trying to protect you from embarrassment.  The problem with these walls is that they also block you from what you want.  Awareness of these walls will help you tear them down.

 The acknowledgment of the belief will help you transform it into a more empowering belief.  




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