Step 4

Raise Your Vibration

Step 4

Raise your vibration


This step has a 2-fold purpose.

1) to understand/realize any reasons you may choose the "problem", and

2) to help you choose a new experience by stepping into a new vibration that negates any resistances you'd have to what you actually want.

This is somewhat redundant, but repeated to make sure you put yourself in a vibration that attracts your desire.

If you're neutral, it should be easy to go even higher, feel better... and match the vibration of your desire.  This can be done in a number of ways.

  • Consider what are you grateful for in your current situation? How might it keep you safe from something you fear?
  • Write down 3 things that you're grateful for, or 3 things in your life that give you the feeling you desire.  Write down something different every day, or as often as you think about it.  It is a good idea to do just this step even if you don't have anything you're trying to resolve or manifest into your life.   The more grateful you can be for what you have, the more things the universe will bring you to be grateful for.  I also recommend creating a "Hi Vibes" page in your journal and using it to jot down things that you are happy about or grateful for whenever you think of them.  Then go back there whenever you feel yourself feeling down.  
  • Think about a time you have experienced something similar in the past, really feeling the way you felt when you had it and knowing that you can have this same feeling again.
  • Imagine yourself past any problem and really feel what that feels like for at least 1 full minute.   If the thought of being past your problem is difficult to do, you may be resonating so deeply with this problem that you believe you'd feel completely empty without it.  Obviously, this would be a block to your desire, which would need to be worked through specifically.
  • Imagine what it feels like to have your desire, really engaging all the senses... seeing it, feeling it, smelling it, hearing it, etc.  It is critical that you are able to do this.   This exercise is most effective in the alpha state, either as you're falling asleep, or just after you wake up in the morning, before you open your eyes.   
  • Ask your higher self, "If I had [your desire], what would that feel like?"  Or, "If I were to feel like I would have [your desire], what would that feel like?"
The Abraham teachings recommend staying in this space for at least 68 seconds.  If you find yourself feeling negative at any point in the day and feel you don't have the time to go through all of the steps, just do this step, realizing that you DO have the power to feel better and create what you want in any situation.




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