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Sundi Bright - Psychic, Medium, Healer, Law-of-Attraction Coach
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Dear ,

Sundi Bright

Thank you for downloading my free eBook. I hope you have experienced a benefit from its contents and I invite you to join me in the process of awakening to our blissful and abundant natures!

My work is constantly evolving and the eBook is slightly out-of-date, so stay tuned to discover how you can transform your life using The Secret Formula and/or my psychic services.

The basis of my work is to help you transform problem situations, manifest your desires and evolve to your highest potential in the process.

I do that by helping you to raise your vibration by healing/clearing stuck patterns of the past, discarding mindsets that don't serve you and helping you discover the truth of the powerful and abundant you that is hiding under all the defense mechanisms.

The Secret Formula has been designed to help you become conscious of the patterns that hold you back from what you want, giving you the insights that will transform your life experience.

Although designed to help you transform problems and manifest your desires on your own, we all have subconscious blocks that can get in the way of a more enjoyable life experience. When you're so stuck in your problem(s) that you can't see these blocks, as a psychic healer detached from your problem, I can.

And this can be done at any distance, whether you choose to be on the phone/skype or going about your usual business while I tune in psychically and type up a report of my findings and treatment.

There are standard things I look for in a transformative healing session that can shift your perception and therefore your problem (whether it be related to your health, relationships or finances) instantly!

To learn more about how my psychic services can get to the heart of your "problems", AND assist in shifting your vibration into one that aligns with what you desire, visit the services page of my website.

Psychic healing is detective work and a good psychic healer knows what to look for and how to follow the leads presented in a session in order to get to the root issue and send healing that creates lasting change.

The “problem” (physical issue or otherwise) is a wake-up call! Your spirit wants your true self (that is hiding under these subconscious patterns) to come out and be all that you were meant to be in this lifetime! No, you are not meant to suffer! You are meant to prosper!

After you purchase your session, you will receive a link to a form what will provide me with everything I need to know to tune in and do the work if it is to be done off-line while you go about your business. If you wish to be present, your appointment will be scheduled accordingly.

Here are some testimonials I’ve received from some of my clients:

“My reading was so helpful for helping to create more of a connection and better feeling with my husband. I noticed a difference the first day and has continued. I noticed my husband was more drawn to me, more responsive, connected and interested. Which brought out a different response in me toward him. The biggest result is I am liking being around him again. It feels like we are both interested and connected to each other with more peace and calmness. He has verbally told me he has been feeling so supported by me lately. I don't remember either of us using that word to describe the other! I have a different perspective on my marriage after this healing took place. Before I couldn't stop wondering how we were going to stay together. I am watching different reality unfold as if i am watching a different movie."

-L. Johnson

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“I felt an amazing shift from my reading and feel like this was the best thing I could ever had done for my family. Immediately after the session, I noticed feeling closer with my husband and communication got so much better. The session was very uplifting to our relationship. I highly recommend Sundi as a healer and reader. You will notice a shift almost immediately."

-Rosa, Texas

(Rosa's session was for the purposes of improving her relationship with her husband. Generally I recommend a session for each party and one for the relationship itself, but in this case, the session for Rosa transformed the entire relationship).

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“My reading explained some patterns to me that I would not have associated with the problems I have been having so it made me realise how I can change to benefit myself in ways that go beyond my initial complaint. I felt more accepting of myself and more positive about my future as a result of the reading/healing. I am taking better care of myself and my needs. I feel happier also. I have also noticed that I am making better connections with people in general. This has made a difference in that I realise that what I want is not out of reach anymore and I can create the life I want by making a few small changes.”

- Emma, United Kingdom

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“The reading with Sundi resonated with me right away. I noticed my energy shift even before the reading. I read over her report several times & and more & more is revealed to me as time goes on. Immediately after the session, I felt lighter and peaceful as I was open to the healing. In addition, two new exciting opportunities came up for me within a day and I found myself more confident.
The single biggest benefit I noticed was relief and more patience with myself and others. I have a better understanding of this lesson and continue to move forward with my life feeling happier and focused. In addition, I sleep better, and am no longer anxious. I feel as though a huge & painful bump in the road of life is survivable and the experience was a powerful lesson. Support from a compassionate and beautifully gifted healer like Sundi is a blessing”.

- Margaret

I'd love for you to be part of my own journey and I invite you to connect with me in any of the following ways...

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Transform your life today!

It can be fun and enlightening to discover and shift the patterns that keep you away from who you really are. This type of healing will create positive shifts in many areas of your life and the possibilities for your evolution, expansion and spiritual awareness are unlimited and I hope to have the opportunity to assist you on your journey.

In loving light,

logo Sundi Bright
Psychic Healer & Law-of-Attraction Coach

Everything you don’t like about yourself is a reflection of some belief that isn’t in alignment with who you are, what you want or what your path/purpose is.

The belief, being unnatural, creates an emotion that has a vibration that manifests as either a physical ailment, appearance distortion or “problem” in your relationships or finances.

To transform your “problem”, implement a new belief that aligns with your desire.

The belief that manifests as what you don't want can seem very unrelated, so determining the belief / emotion / vibration that contributes to the creation of a "problem" can be a challenge.

My sessions are designed to help you transform your problems by uncovering those beliefs and finding/implementing the ones that align with who you are and what your path is! My Consciousness 101 program can help you learn how to discover your limiting beliefs and has an EFT Template that you can use to plug in this information and shift the belief.