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Surviving Job Loss

Surviving job loss is something that is on the mind of many Americans these days. If you've been laid off, let go, fired or have recently been the victim of the state of the US economy in some other way, you are most likely (and understandably) under a great deal of stress and worry about the future. You are likely wondering what to do, how you will find a job, and IF you will find a job.

Although difficult, it is important to keep your vibrations high in spite of being laid off… in other words, think positive. Surviving job loss doesn't have to be your goal. You can do better than just survive if you follow the steps outlined in The Secret Formula.

If you are experiencing negative emotions such as worry, anger and feelings of hopelessness, these are all tappable issues. If you are using EFT, you know what I mean by tappable. If you have not learned how to use EFT, NOW is the time.

During times of economic uncertainty, and the unfortunate experience of being dealing with job loss, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is your single most important tool to use in surviving job loss and turning your situation around.

In order to attract the things you want you must first neutralize your negative emotions. The second step of the formula is to raise your vibrations and the third is to ask for what you want and focus on that daily. It will be very hard to raise your vibrations, which is the 2nd step in my formula for abundance, if you don't first clear the bad feelings you're having about not having a job. In addition, you won't be able to accomplish step 3, which is to ask for what you want and then focus, imagine and believe you can have it. Negative emotions are like blinders. You can't see what you want or how to get it if you're blinded by negative emotions. So clear them now.

The best investment you can make in surviving job loss and securing a bright future is to use The Bright Future Workbook on a daily basis. If the concepts of clearing negative emotions, raising your vibrations and setting a goal and then focusing on it, is completely new to you or you just can't do it on your own, then get some help from a qualified EFT practitioner specializing in abundance… like me :). The wonderful thing about EFT is that it works fast! And when you're guided by an experienced and certified EFT practitioner (me again), then it works even faster! And I'm very motivated to help you attract all the abundance you desire! Frankly, all this talk about the bad economy is starting to lower my vibrations! So, I hope that if you haven’t already done so, you’ll take advantage of the extremely low price tag I’ve put on the Bright Future Workbook and most importantly USE IT daily to create the life you want!

Love & Light,

EFT certified

Sundi M. Bright

Life Coach specializing in Abundance &
Alternative Healing Practitioner


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