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The Reconnection

The Reconnection, also known as a Personal Reconnection is one of the most incredible things that you can do to shift you into a higher consciousness that creates ultimate abundance.

In tough economic times, the low vibration of the planet can drag you into that vibration if you’re not working really hard to stay out of it.  A reconnective healing can refresh you with high vibrating energy, heal, and bring light and information.  Although the connected feeling may last only a few days, the healing will last until you fall back into the same patterns that brought on the need for healing in the first place.

To create a lasting healing and connection to higher source, The Reconnection, is a wonderful thing! 

Think of the possibilities of being connected to a higher source… the possibilities of oneness… the possibilities of a higher consciousness.... the possibilities The Reconnection can bring... 

These are a few that I can think of and have experienced:

  • Faster Alignment with the new Energy
    With a Personal Reconnection, your energy frequency is elevated to help you adapt with the changes occurring in the atmosphere at this time. A lot of individuals are finding it hard to deal with these frequency changes. By changing your frequency through "The Reconnection", you are better able to deal with what is going on.
  • Better intuition
    Your intuition is stronger and your muscle testing more accurate when you’re reconnected.  You can use muscle testing to get answers not only from your body, but to get answers about things that seem “out there”.  With the oneness created by a personal reconnection, you are less likely to make bad decisions, and can ask your body through muscle testing, what the right decision is.  This can save you tons of time and money, in itself!  If you don’t do muscle testing, I can easily teach you during any healing session. 
  • A better chance of fulfilling your life’s purpose in THIS lifetime. 
    Most of us believe in past and future lives and that when we fulfill our purpose, we can go “home”.  And home is a wonderful thing.
  • Improved Manifestation Ability
    When you are connected to source, I believe your requests are heard more clearly. When you follow the steps in this website AND you have the added edge of being reconnected, your manifestation abilities are even stronger. After my Personal Reconnection, I was amazed at how I would just think of things and I would get them so easily and mysteriously! And I still do!
  • Greater Healing
    Greater healing happens for you and for your clients if you are a healer yourself or intend to be.
  • Enhanced Meditation
    Once you have had a personal reconnection, meditation is stronger by tuning into the reconnective frequency. Light and information is plentiful in this new energy!

And who knows what else?!  It is incredible just experiencing the connectedness!  You may find all kinds of incredible things that you can do with your new connectedness that you never dreamed of!

It wasn’t until after my own Personal Reconnection that I created The Secret Formula and organized the pieces into a format that can be used and practiced everyday in The Bright Future Workbook.  When you become reconnected, you already have a formula to use that helps you make the most out of that connectedness.  Most people have no idea what to do with it and it takes them awhile to figure out.  I know it took me awhile, but I’ve learned a lot and I am happy to share it with you! 

In this time of trouble, what you may need is to be reconnected… reconnected to a higher source that provides a greater perspective and answers to current problems. 

Take your life to the next level… schedule your Personal Reconnection today!


the reconnection