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Trust God

Although you may not call it God specifically, the term "Trust God" applies to whatever or whomever you believe answers your requests and prayers. It may be your higher self, the universe, Buddha, Ali, whatever. There IS a higher power that DOES help you and your trust in that is very important in the manifestation process. When I say "Trust God", I am referring to YOUR God.

In order to create, you must trust. Have you ever had days where you feel anxiety in general? Impatient, discouraged, or anxious? This is NOT trusting. When you recognize that you feel this way, stop, neutralize those negative emotions and then just be calm.

You might use EFT in setup statements such as:

"Even though I'm feeling anxious and worried, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, choose to Trust God and realize that everything is alright"

"Even though I have this fear of _____, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and ask God to get me through it and Trust that He will"

"Even though I'm discouraged, I deeply and completely accept myself, thank God (the universe, your higher self, etc) for answering my prayers and requests, let go of the worry KNOWING my future is bright".

Then tap out the specific emotions that you're experiencing.

You can CREATE this trust... this knowing that everything will turn out as you want it to. If you have doubt, neutralize the doubt with EFT.

"Even though I doubt there's anyone out there that really cares, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and choose to allow this higher power into my life to protect me and give me all that I wish for"

Tap: "clearing the doubt", "allowing God into my life", "accepting the help of the universe"

Let worrisome thoughts just drop away. Things will work out if you trust.

"What does it mean to trust? It means to have such inner knowing that your thoughts create your world – to simply be quite certain, with divine nonchalance and inner knowing, that if you think something, it is. "
~Taken from “Bringers of the Dawn, Teachings from the Pleiadians” by Barbara Marciniak

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