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What Next?

Are you stuck in "what next"? Have you been moving toward your dreams and goals, and yet they just don't seem to be happening fast enough? Are you stuck, confused, and/or overwhelmed by what to do or where to go next? Are there things that you want that are conflicting with each other? For example, you want to leave your job to start your own business and yet you don't want to give up the security and the benefits of your job? Do you want more sales, but are afraid of the work involved?

There will be days when you don’t feel like doing this.  When things don’t seem to be happening fast enough, you’re discouraged and you wonder "what next?".  Remember to recognize the good things that are happening.  Clear those negative emotions as best you can and feel the gratitude of all the good.  Get those vibrations as high as possible and then visualize what you DO want. 

If you don't seem to be manifesting the thing(s) you want, it's time to determine if you have limiting or conflicting beliefs around those things. The "What I Want" section of The Bright Future Workbook is ideal for figuring this out. The "What I Want" worksheet is a simple 10 steps to get you on the right track to getting clear on what you want, neutralizing any negative emotions or limiting beliefs surrounding it and putting your mind right for attracting it to you. If there are 2 or more things that you want that conflict with each other, complete a worksheet for each of these 2 things. The formula outlined in the worksheet will help you get clear on which thing you really do want, and drop the one you don't, therefore clearing the path to receiving it.

If you want to get REALLY good at this process, get my workbook wink

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